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O'town, my town

June 5th, 2018

June 5, 2018
We are walking towards the walls of Greyhawk. As we enter the city, Gonoan splits off to head to the green dragon inn. Pike and Brunj veer off to report in to his various peeps. Sanna and Ignis are off to the mage’s guild with Elaine’s body. Beltin and Obregon are going home. Sanna and Ignis arrive at the Mage’s guild and meet with her old contact who tells her that Tenser is at the green dragon inn. She says she wants to report that Elaine was dead and to arrange funeral rites for her. She also shares our story up to the battle with Iggwilv but says the rest is just for Tenser. Elaine is laid out in a special room and the appropriate steps are begun. Beltin and Obregon arrive home and find the house unmolested. Obregon goes in while Beltin walks around until he finds one of the street kids. He finds a few, but they have nothing of interest to report; no sightings or anyone skulking near the house. We suddenly begin to hear a sound like we’ve never heard before. It sounds like a horn and then there are others that join it as well as loud voices. Beltin starts asking what the horns are for and ordering civilians off the street. One man recognizes Beltin and tells him the horns are an indication of a magic affect and they are to keep their eyes open for what it may be. Obregon joins Beltin and several members of the town militia in looking around. We come to a corner near the market and there is a large group of people gathered and some of the watch giving information. It seems something is coming from castle Greyhawk across the sky. Beltin and Obregon spider climb up a tall building and can see castle Greyhawk itself, floating in the sky, in what looks like some sort of bubble. It’s moving somewhat towards Greyhawk but won’t actually come over the city. The wagon and skeletal horses from the main foyer of the Tower of War are flying around its circumference, keeping things away. There appears to be some sort of energy connecting it to the earth but then it pulls away in to the sky and slowly disappears. Sanna drags Ignis along to the green dragon inn in an attempt to catch Tenser. When they arrive, they see Rikard talking to Capt Galanz (who we know is Bilarro). He walks past them on the way out and says have a nice day. Gonoan says Galanz told him everything. Sanna says didn’t you hear the horns? Castle greyhawk has floated away and disappeared. She tells him to meet back at the house and rushes up to Tenser, who is playing dragon chess. She tells him about our last battle and the castle ripping away from the ground. Tenser is nodding along when Ignis taps her on the shoulder and says that this isn’t Tenser, it’s just a figment. They go home. Gonoan tells us that Galanz says he had not been to the ruins and likes to hear the stories. Galanz says something went wrong in the castle but it didn’t make sense based on what we did. He doesn’t know of anyone who had delved in to the ruins as far as we had. We hear people yelling outside about losing their livelihood and that the ruins are gone. Then we hear a tap on the upstairs window and one of the spider women is there. We let her in and she tells us of the castle’s disappearance but they aren’t exactly sure what has happened to it. We fill her in on parts of what went on. They are trying to find out what this may all mean and what is needed to maintain balance in the region. We discuss our plans for the next day and get some much needed rest. The next day we head to Nulligan’s and the market to sell and buy our stuff. We do find the staff is worth 300k gp. Sanna keeps the staff and begins paying off the rest of us for it. We hit the potion shop and restock. Beltin and Obregon head over to the church of St Cuthbert. They are escorted to Eritae and she says there are a lot of things going on and wonders if we were involved. Beltin says maybe and shares everything that happened while we were in the ruins. She says that some people no longer even have memories of the ruins, as if it never existed. Certain landmarks have also disappeared from around the area. She says the church of Boccob likely knows more and just hasn’t shared with her. The ruling oligarchy has not met yet so there are some things that she can’t tell us at this time. She tells us that Mordekainen has pulled in his old allies and gone away and hasn’t been reachable. No one knows what he is up to and he has a reputation as a meddler and will work with anyone to maintain the balance he believes should be. Beltin asks about the ruling oligarchy and is told that they select new members based on need and they discuss what Beltin could bring to the table. We take our leave and head back home. Sanna goes to the mage’s guild again and finds that Tenser is still unavailable and Mordekainen hasn’t been seen in a while. She then stops by the church of Boccob and asks after the mages. The high priest says that they knew the castle leaving was inevitable according to the signs they read. If someone knew the castle well enough, they could likely teleport there. She asks about the creatures in the castle like the dwarves and kobolds but they don’t have any good info yet. When we reconvene, we decide to go out and investigate the site for ourselves. We head out the next morning to where the ruins used to be. We know there are a lot of adventurers heading out and setting up camps around. The gorge is gone and it now looks like just rolling, forested hills. We do see that Mordekainen is there and floating in mid-air. We call his name and he turns and nods at us. We gather near him and see many others that are debating moving nearer. Sanna shares the story of Iggwilv and the god trap. He seems terse and questions how we failed to take care of Bilarro. He worries that he will be causing strife and harm in other places. He tells us to stand down and leave Robillar to him unless he returns. The reason the castle was built here is a conjunction of ley lines and they should still be here. He doesn’t want them to be tapped by the wrong people. He tells us of a place that has a spot for an octych, he doesn’t know exactly what it does or how it works but may give us something to think about. It lies beyond the unopenable doors. Sanna has heard of a place around Maure castle and that the seul probably had a hand in making the octych and the sulatryn is a name associated with them. Now to plan our next move…


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