grey hawk

Lions and Tyrgs and Bears, oh my

September 11th, 2018

There is a mournful howl coming from the south and we can hear something splashing through water. Pike hides as a horrid looking quadruped comes charging around the corner. Sanna casts web slowing it down but not stopping it. Obregon starts shooting and hits 4 times. Gonoan charges it and smacks it once as Beltin hits it, and him, with a line of acid. The creature collapses but now we hear something coming from the east. Ignis readies his bow. We ready for combat. Another of the same creatures comes creeping down the hall and Obregon hits it twice as Ignis shoots it once. As it approaches, it lets out an unearthly scream but doesn’t seem to affect us. Ignis hits it with 3 scorching rays. Obregon starts shooting and hits 5 times, dropping it in its tracks. We look over the carcasses and they seem to have been crossbred. Obregon does find another set of tracks from something even larger. We decide to track it off to the east. As we walk, we pass small hallways off to the north but stick with the beast’s tracks. A little ways down there is a tapestry on the south wall of a huge lifeless city with a great cupola jutting above the skyline. The sky crackles with lightning and a wolf like visage and a stern human profile pictured within. We continue on but can hear the sound of beings ahead readying for battle. Sanna calls out get ready, Sanna is coming. A larger version of the last 2 creatures begins squeezing down the hallway at us. Beltin spits a line of acid on it while Sanna tosses a lightning ball on top of it. The creature squeezes its way towards us and screams, stunning everyone but Beltin. Beltin swings twice, hitting once. The creature bites him in return. Obregon picks up his bow and shoots it twice. Pike tosses a lightning bolt down the hall, catching the Tyrg and 2 warriors coming up behind it. Ignis tosses a fireball, killing 2 warriors and injuring the rest of our foes. Beltin breathes acid again, hitting the creature and killing 2 more warriors. Sanna tosses another lightning ball, killing the last 2 warriors and damaging the tyrg. It bites Beltin again. Obregon shoots it, hitting 5 times and it collapses in a heap. We search the bodies and find they are members of the seekers. They are carrying MW bastard swords, MW light crossbows, +1 bucklers, +1 chainmail, amulets of natural armor +1, 2 potions (cure moderate) each, and a black surcoat with the seeker symbol. Why are there seekers down here and why attack us?


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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