grey hawk

Homeward bound

May 22, 2018

There are 3 large gingerbread men lumbering our way. Beltin moves up and spits acid at them but they don’t seem to be affected. Sanna moves in and casts a sculpted electric ball, hitting all of them but it also has no effect. Obregon starts shooting at the lead one and hits six times. Gonoan rushes one and hits it twice. Pike moves in and strikes the same one from behind, sticking his sword in the crease of its knee joint. Brunj casts bless and moves towards the fight. Ignis turns invisible and moves towards the party. The first two constructs attack Gonoan and each hit him once. The last one moves up and tries to slam Pike, who easily dodges. Beltin flanks the first one and smacks it twice with his Morningstar. Sanna casts arc lightning between golem one and two, which causes number 1 to crumble to cookie crumbs. Obregon starts shooting arrows, cracking number 2 apart and then putting a couple in to number 3 for fun. Pike turns and punches the last one with his gauntlets doing a little electric damage. Gonoan moves and hits the last one once. Brunj moves up and heals Gonoan with his wand. The final golem tries to slam Gonoan twice but only connects once. Ignis continues to move closer. Beltin moves up and swings twice, but it just glances off the constructs icing. Sanna tosses an orb of electricity, making blacken and crumble. We begin to make our way across the ravine but notice a gleam from the roof of the tower and when we look, it is an elaborate metal horse with a bearded man atop it who we recognize as Bilarro. He squints at us, focusing on Pike. “I never turn down a good challenge, is this a good challenge”? he says to Pike. Pike says it is a good one and Bilarro asks if it is him solo or your whole entourage? Pike says he is warming up to him since he said HIS entourage. Bilarro comments that he will accept his challenge at any arena he likes should he like to offer it in the future. “Does your party have a name”? “Company of the Shadow Phoenix”, Sanna replies and says we are going home. Bilarro jumps his horse to the next tower and then away in the direction of town. We start the long walk to Greyhawk not knowing Ignis is still following us. The ground is still shaking violently and we can hear explosions from underground. The whole ruins are moving and acting strangely as if weird magical affects are spreading outward. There are odd looking creatures being ejected and other strange creatures trying to get back in. As we walk along, we identify the magic items we looted from Iggwilv. Suddenly, an elven wizard type uncloaks behind us wearing very expensive robes. His eyes are 2 different colors, skin is bronze and hair is long and golden with some black streaks down the right side. Obregon spins and points an arrow in his face as Gonoan jumps on him. Beltin moves over and gets right in his face and growls intimidatingly. Sanna walks over and says talk! He says his name is Lord Ignis NIghtbreeze but you can call me Lord Nightbreeze. The party scoffs, each in their own way. He looks at Beltin and says dragon brother and shows him some golden scales on his shoulder. He says he is looking to atone for his sins and had heard of what we are trying to accomplish. We accept him provisionally and help him up. We make it back to Greyhawk safely and split the treasure and sell it off. We each pocket 39,714 gp in profit.


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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