grey hawk

Friends and demons

June 13th, 2017

Beltin hits the remaining fiend twice, the first time hitting it right in the gonads. Pike moves into the room, accepting a claw hit from the fiend as he attempts to escape the stench. Gonoan hits it 3 times with his axe as Obregon puts 4 arrows in to it, causing it to disappear. Pike moves to the south door, finds no traps and using Zagigs key, opens it. This hallway has 3 alcoves down each side with a statue of different humanoids in each that do not seem quite finished. At the end, there is a glowing blue pool with a rope bridge across it to a statue of a wizard with a triumphant look on its upturned face. Pike tests the first step of the hallway for traps but finds none. Sanna jumps out front in to the hallway and looks at the first statue, which looks as if it is blurry in some way. Beltin moves down to the end of the hallway, noticing the pool almost seems to give off its own light. The statues seem to look more finished as you go down the hall until finally the triumphant statue of Zagyg is ezquisitely crafted. Obregon tracks around the arena room and can tell that a barefoot woman has been through here in the last week. She came down this hallway and stopped at the second set of statues, facing the one to the west. There are no return tracks, WTF?! Obregon and Pike both check the statue but find nothing so Sanna activates the wand of detect magic. All of the statues glow with necromancy except the one we are suspicious of which glows with transmutation. We check it every way we can think of including Pike attempting to use it, all to no avail. Gonoan attempts to break one of the statues but makes not even a scratch. Obregon moves to the blue pool and sticks an arrow in, noticing it looks like water but doesn’t seem wet. He empties out a healing potion and fills it with the water, though it almost immediately begins to lose its glow. Gonoan and Beltin move back in to the large room, bored of the statues where Beltin goes in to the alcove and sits on the bench. Beltin asks for someone to search the alcove and teleports to the lowest level of the floor. Gonoan moves up to the north door and starts to try and open it. Beltin takes a little damage and feels suddenly weaker so teleports to the north door. Obregon searches the alcove but finds nothing while Beltin heals himself.Pike comes over and opens the door, revealing a statue of a serene looking man with his hands folded in front of him with the zig zag lines carved in to its forehead. There is a hall to the east. Pike searches the statue but finds nothing. Gonoan attempts to tip it over but it won’t budge. Beltin walks in to the hall and sees it turns to the north with a door at the end as well as one in the east wall. Sanna walks back down the other hall and puts her hands on the transmutation statue with no effect. Pike touches the east facing door with the key and we see an empty storage room with shelves built in it. We search it and find nothing. Pike does the same to the north door and it opens on to a small room with stairs going down and the stench of decay wafts up. We go down the stairs and come unto an oddly shaped cathedral like chamber. Hanging like macabre decorations around the room are nearly a dozen mutilated bodies of men and women in rags, several of which we recognize from Greyhawk. Seven alcoves hold statues of Boccob which were once beautiful but have all been deformed in to horrible caricatures. Opposite is an eighth statue of Boccob, also mutilated and an altar crawling with vermin. Lying on the stone altar is a beautiful blond priestess of boccob bound by chains, she calls out “help me” and we recognize her voice as that of Riann. Above her stands a deformed human also dressed in decayed clerical vestments with a knife poised above her heart. He says do no interrup the ceremony to boccob, tosses the knife down and charges at us. Beltin spits acid at it and swaps weapon crystals. Sanna tosses 3 scorching rays at it, hitting once. Pike shoots it once and Brunj attempts to turn it but cries out that the area is desecrated. Obregon turns it into a pincushion with 6 arrows as it charges Beltin, who recognizes it as Rigby. It tries to bite Beltin but takes a shield in the side of the face. Elaine hits it with 4 magic missiles just before Gonoan crashes in to it, axe first, hitting hard. Beltin swings at it twice but is so put off by the familiar face, he whiffs. Sanna hits it with an orb of electricity, it sparks, jerks and falls lifeless. She immediately cast detect magic and there are some strong divination spells on Riann as well as some magic items. Beltin moves up to her, Pike believes she is really Riann, Obregon pours a healing potion down her throat, Sanna checks her pulse and Gonoan has his axe raised in case she does something funny. She sits up and tells us that the area is desecrated and she doesn’t have what she needs to correct it. We ask for her tale and she was attacked in a carriage with the others in this room. Then she woke up here. She asks if we found the god trap but we told her we have not. She says she doesn’t have all of her stuff and needs to get her bearings so would like to go upstairs and try to determine where we are. Beltin and Sanna choose to accompany her and they head up the stairs to the arena room. When we get there, Riann makes a move towards Sanna and Beltin yells out, what are you doing and shoves her away. She grows wings and turns in to a demoness, pulling out a spiked chain. Sanna hits her with a cold lightning bolt and moves in to the hall. Beltin spits acid at her but does no damage. Riann casts a spell causing a glowing dome to appear around her. Sanna dispels the dome. Beltin slams the door shut in her face and moves to the door at the stairs, opening it and yelling that Riann turned in to a demon. The rest of the group races up the stairs and Beltin opens the door again. He steps out and Pike shoots at the demon with a crossbow bolt but misses. Sanna fires off a disintegrate at her, but it fizzles. Obregon moves up and hits her with an arrow. Gonoan moves in to the room and Elaine gets stuff ready. Brunj is ready to heal. The demoness formerly know as Riann casts a spell on Gonoan. Beltin drinks a fly potion and begins to hover in the air above where he was standing. Pike shoots at her but misses. Sanna tosses a blast of cold which doesn’t do much damage. Obregon hits her with a single arrow. Gonoan stares at Beltin but does nothing. Damn, she is hard to hit.


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