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Free the Gods

October 15th, 2017

Pike appears on a large platform in a 9 sided chamber with an immense gem stone jutting from each wall, each with 9 facets; some glow and some do not. The platform is the bottom of upside down pyramid with 9 bulges along the perimeter. In the center is a huge statue of Boccob with his hands outstretched, palms up. One of the bulges has 9 ghostly appendages, stretching towards one of the large gems, 5 of which hold beautiful women while the other four caress one of the gems. Power is pulsing from the gem through the tentacles and in to the 5 women. The ceiling is 50’ up and the floor is 50’ down. The tentacles are the same we saw drag Iuz under the floor previously. Pike notices a rune filled circle under his feet where he appeared and a similar circle on the other side of the platform. He then steps off the side of the platform and feather falls to the ground. Elaine is unable to push through the barrier. Obregon hits one of the golems once while Beltin hits the same one once. Sanna casts lightning bolt and hits both, but it has no effect. Gonoan swings thrice and destroys the one he is facing. The last golem swings at Gonoan, hitting twice. Obregon shoots it three times. Meanwhile, Pike walks around checking out the topography. Elaine is suddenly able to step through and off the circle, calling for Pike. One of the women shouts “too late” and another cries “can’t stop us now”. Sanna appears in the circle, steps off and begins checking out her surroundings and believes the gems contain the essences of gods that are being tapped for their power. Gonoan moves in to the mist. The Iggwilvs all cast mage armor upon themselves and we can see they each have a staff in their hands with combat gear, rings, amulet, bracers, circlet, a couple of ioun stones floating around their heads and boots. Pike tosses a grappling hook up to the platform. Elaine sees this but maintains her vigilance on the women. One of the tentacles smacks Elaine and she takes wisdom damage. Sanna casts a cone of cold, though 2 of them are totally unaffected. Gonoan heals himself. The Iggwilvs tells Sanna that they will try to keep her alive so they can make her an offer and one casts a spell. A gray beam springs forth from one of their eyes, hitting Sanna and dazing her. Brunj hits one with the rod of searing light. Beltin pushes through and spits acid hitting 4 of them. Pike climbs most of the way up the rope as Elaine attempts to hit one with magic missiles though it fizzles. One of the Iggwilvs casts a spell on Beltin and he disappears. Sanna casts arc lightning on 2 of them. 2 of the women are casting as the other 2 start speaking. Elaine gets hit by 2 beams, and is paralyzed. Brunj gets affected by their sweet voices. He starts to walk to the edge of the platform before he comes to himself again and then tries to hit one with the searing light though it fizzles this time. Pike climbs to the top of the platform and shoots the gem with a bolt but it merely bounces off. A tentacle tries to smack him but he manages to duck out of the way. Sanna tosses a lightning ball, hitting all 5 though they don’t seem to be as hurt as they should be. Gonoan pops through and drinks a healing potion. One of the iggwilvs tosses a lightning bolt at pike which he dodges but it hits and kills Elaine. Gonoan succumbs to the singing. Obregon casts his star spell. Brunj casts prayer. Pike hits one with a bolt but it seems just the fire damage is affecting it. One of them says it is time to destroy them, we just await Obregon and we must kill him immediately. One casts a spell at Sanna and she falls on the floor laughing uncontrollable. Pike is hit with a gray beam and is paralyzed. Obregon pops in and shoots each of them once. He also hits number four with one of his stars. One of them says no more of that to Obregon and tries to hit him with a disintegrate but misses. The most injured one transforms in to a large flying demon. Another cast’s darkness which covers the whole room. Obregon starts shooting arrows, killing 2 of them. One Iggwilv is casting a spell with no apparent affect. A tentacle swings at Gonoan but it misses. Gonoan tries to climb on one of the tentacles which doesn’t work so he jumps at one of them, trying to grab on but fails and plummets to the ground. The one he tried to hit transforms in to a large demon. Another hits Obregon with a beam, paralyzing him. Brunj moves back and casts obscuring mist around the party. Pike mentally asks how to free the gods and a voice says “young master, first you have to stop the user of this apparatus then use the key. Use the key in the hands of Boccob to take control of the apparatus”. So Pike turns invisible and climbs the statue. One of the Iggwilv’s casts a spell with no apparent effect. Gonoan moves to and begins to climb up the rope Pike had left dangling. The demon shaped one moves to near Obregon and attempts to remove his quiver. Obregon releases the rest of the stars floating around his head doing a barrage of damage to the demon crouched over him. Brunj casts Daylight, dispelling the darkness. Pike puts the key in the hand of Boccob and it melds in to the statue, he feels he now has mental control over one of the tentacles. He smacks the demon over Obregon with it. One of the others rises up higher on its tentacle. Gonoan finishes his climb and moves enough to swing at the demon next to Obregon. The demon takes Obregon’s quiver but takes another hit from Gonoan. Obregon begins to move again, releases the rest of his stars and grabs for his quiver. He can tell that the creature has been regenerating. Brunj cast dispel magic on Sanna’s laughter, causing it to quit. Pike smacks the demon for more wisdom damage. Iggwilv #1 tosses a fireball on to the platform but misjudges and only catches Sanna who dodges part of it and the rest of it is absorbed by her scarab. Sanna hits 1 and 2 with arc lightning, destroying #2 and hurting 1. Obregon shoots 4 arrows at 1, only 2 getting through but it’s enough to cause it to turn to ice and snow and begin to melt. Brunj casts searing light from the wand but it fizzles. Pike hits #5 with the tentacle while Sanna tosses a cold fireball at it, which doesn’t affect the creature. The last Iggwilv attempts to dispel the mist but fails. Obregon starts shooting, hitting 4 times. Brunj hits it with searing light. Pike hits it again with the tentacle. Sanna fails again to conjure a cold fireball. Iggwilv moves near Obregon and tosses a gray beam at him, paralyzing him. Brunj uses his wand again but it fizzles. Pike hits her with another tentacle and she falls comatose. Gonoan, goes to her, finds she is a shape shifter carrying nothing and chops its head off. The items that fell to the floor are a staff, wand, combat gear, bracers, ring, ring, boots, circlet, dusty rose ioun stone, pale green ioun stone, stone, pearl, 4 ointments, diamond dust x4, and misc jewelry. The gem shatters and iuz emerges as a feeble old man and the energy spikes and explodes upwards. Robillar and Zooken are released. Iuz glares at them and then us “watch your backs, heroes”, before disappearing. Robillar asks why is it so dark in here as he shakes with weakness. Zooken seems ageless and looks slightly disoriented, finally noticing us, and gives us a formal nod of acknowledgement before leaving. Beltin tells Robillar that Mordekainen is looking for him. He says he was adventuring and having a good time before getting grabbed by the tentacles. Pike challenges him and Robillar says he doesn’t want to fight in this crumbling room but looks forward to it later. He asks how we got here, stands on the circle for a moment and then vanishes. Sanna begins deciphering the runes in the floor so Beltin stands on the second circle and vanishes. Then Sanna, Brunj, Pike, Obregon and Gonoan follow suit. We make our way back through the dungeon, and emerge outside again where immediately a group of gingerbread men move to attack us. The curtain falls.


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