grey hawk

Beyond the curtain

August 28th, 2018

Obregon moves up a bit and searches for tracks but finds none. Pike searches the pillar of the lithe man and Obregon the one of the nobleman. They find nothing of interest. We move towards the raised area. As we mount the stairs towards the dais, the warrior on the throne begins to move and appears to be an iron golem. It wields a crystal sword in its left hand and a whip of tightly woven feathers in its right. As it begins to animate, the seating begins to fill with all different sorts of creatures, approximately 60. Some are angelic or earthly while others are demonic or ethereal. Those of goodly intent shout encouragement to the party while those of evil shout trash talk at us. Beltin spits acid at while Obregon goes gatling gun on it, hitting twice. Ignis throws a lightning bolt at it which does no damage but slows it. Pike shoots 2 bolts at it but they both bounce off the iron body. Gonoan charges it and despite a tremendous swing, his axe slides off its greaves. Sanna hits it with an electric orb as it stands and spews a cloud of fire on Gonoan. Beltin moves around it as Obregon moves up a bit and hits 2 more times. Pike fires again but still can’t penetrate it. Ignis casts resistance on Obregon and Gonoan hits it one big time. The golem swings its whip at Beltin who dodges. Beltin gets in a good hit as Obregon hits it 3 times, destroying it. We try to take the weapons but they are bonded to the golem’s body. We begin searching the area and find nothing of interest. Brunj yells out that there is someone behind him and turns away. Beltin and Gonoan take off his direction with Gonoan arriving first to find a frail elderly man. Beltin learns that he is Arley the weaver and he made the curtains. He is looking for some missing items; tapestries and rugs and such. He has some things he could trade for them. He tells us that though he is the only one on this level there are seekers on the level below. He offers magic items for the return of his belongings and we say we will keep our eyes open for them. We finish our search of the dais and using the wand of detect secret doors find a secret door behind both statues. Pike checks one and gets it open revealing a narrow room with absolutely nothing in it. Using detect magic reveals nothing but we do discover that the other statues do appear to be constructs as well. Pike touches the foot of the wizard statue but nothing happens. Gonoan suggests using a rope and pulling them over but we convince him that it isn’t really necessary but we agree to let him know when it’s time. We head to the stairs down to the lower level. The stairs curl around to the south and end in a rough cave entrance. There is a large hall to the south and areas opening off both sides, part is cavernous but the rest has been worked. Dungeon delving anyone?


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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