grey hawk

September 3rd 2012

Traded magical dwarven axe for +1morningstar for Beltin. Meet Batan the weapon seller. Gonoan and Sanna go to the shanty area and look for Rolph the bandit healer. No luck. Beltin and Pike collect the carts and laborers from St Cuthbert. They pay an urchin, Lumi, to fetch Bellamin. The group regathers and heads to the ruins. They clear the rubble from around the elevators, have the laborers lower them down and pack up the trade goods. We decide to go below the pillbox and try to find the rest of the trade goods. The laborers will wait as long as they can and still get back to Greyhawk before night. Pike picks the lock on the door to the hallway with the defaced shrine antechamber. As we pass through the burnt room, we all start to exude smells: Beltin urine, Sanna manure, Gonoan sulphur, Bellamin earthy, Pike stale fetid smell. We discover a kobold in the pill box. Have a hard time hitting the kobold, Sanna blasts it with a magic missile and kills it. Loot:hand crossbow, sling, spear. Head through the trap door and down a rusty ladder into a damp tunnel with algae and mushrooms. It leads to another ladder going up. Pike heads toward the ladder and one of the mushrooms starts to shriek. We pound it quiet. Pike climbs the ladder and hears the sound of multiple creatures above. Gonoan goes up and enters the room. It is a large room with iron bars across it and there are 4 kobolds(2 are on wolves) and an ogre. In the far corner there is a raised platform with gruesome doors on it. We engage them through the bars. The wolves attack Gonoan and the ogre attacks Beltin. The Kobolds flip a table for cover and begin to fire hand crossbows at Beltin because as they say in Draconic “We know what you are, no melee!” Gonoan kills one of the wolves, Beltin, Pike and Sanna kill the ogre. We rush the table, Gonoan knocks them back and we make short work of the first 3. We attempt to subdue the last kobold and he runs to the doors and calls Gouger.


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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