grey hawk

September 25th, 2013

We are unmolested the rest of the night. We make good time the next morning and Shest shows us what appears to be a huge mound of vines and plants proudly as her home. We notice a couple of guards but not much else. Shest begins to move forwards but stops before moving very far. The guards notice her, she signals to them and they signal back. They indicate that we should disarm if we want to go closer or they will send someone out to meet with us. We choose to wait and Shest proceeds into the structure. A half hour passes until Shest and another lizard folk come out to us. We notice a couple of harpies climb out the top of the structure and sit waiting. The other is named Hishka, one of the chosen few of Semuanya. Hishka wants peace for all the lizard folk and disagrees with the king. Feels he is aggressive and is not of her tribe anyway. He sends Shest to let the king know he is negotiating for peace. After Shest leaves, Hishka tells us that we need to either kill the king or run him off for peace to have a chance. He is very powerful and equipped by Illfain. As long as he is in charge, peace has almost no chance. She needs to get back and cannot give us any aid or it will unmask her loyalties. She goes and we notice the harpies watching us and communicating with someone inside. We walk back the way we came for about an hour and then stop to talk about our plan. We are wanting to take the king out but unsure how to go about it. Obregon’s hawk detects something heading our way. Gonoan says it sounds like a small party of lizard folk. Obregon and Pike hide behind some trees while Gonoan and Beltin stand in the middle of the hillock awaiting their arrival. We see 4 lizard folk approaching, one of which is Shest while another is the king’s lieutenant. Shest is obviously tracking and pointing something out to the lieutenant. They notice us and stop to look at us. As they move closer, Shest introduces the lieutenant as Katabas. He says that we have not gotten very far. We respond that we are merely stopping for a break. He advises that we should continue on, he is concerned that we may try to return. Sanna all of a sudden fires off a lightning bolt which kills one of the guards and injures the Lt. Obregon hits Shest with a sleep arrow and she succumbs. He then misses Katabas with 3 arrows. Beltin hits him with acid, and Pike hits him with a crossbow bolt. Katabas then rages, tells the remaining guard to get back and dives into the water and begins swimming away. Sanna casts a lightning ball at him but he is still moving. Obregon hits him and he is almost dead and moving very slowly, so Obregon shoots and kills the remaining guard. Beltin moves towards Katabas while Gonoan goes after Shest. Obregon hits him with one more arrow to ensure he is out. Beltin reaches him and finds him floating face up with his eyes open. Beltin kicks him to see if he is faking and Katabas jumps up to flee but takes a face full of acid and drops again. We find 5 javelins, an amulet(1 natural armor,2000gp), spider carapace armorM(1, 1015gp), a pouch w/320 cp, 75sp, and 81 gp. Shest has 1 potion cure moderate, and another unknown potionM,2 wandsM(burning hands, cure light), heavy wooden shield, MW club, pouch 31cp, 20sp, 25 gp. Beltin wears the amulet. He wakes Shest up. She notices Katabas is down but not dead. She immediately cuts his throat. She hates him and the taint of Illfain which infects him and is spreading through the tribe. She does not like what the ties to Illfain are doing to the tribe but still supports the kin. We begin discussing what to do next. Shest tells us that she is ok with us going after the king if we do it honorably. He would likely respond to a challenge. She has no advice on how to make the challenge. We are attempting to find out why she still supports him but haven’t really gotten to the heart of it yet. Maybe next time.


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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