grey hawk

September 17th, 2012

Gouger appears in the doorway hanging from a harness with just his head, torso and one arm. Beltin hits him with a line of acid, Sanna with burning hands (which kills the last kobold), Pike and Obregon with arrows. He begins swinging at Gonoan who is taunting him, doing some damage. He also gets a hit in on Sanna, disrupting her spell. Between Sanna’s fire attacks, Beltin’s acid and Gonoan’s jumping attacks, he is taken out. Beltin continues to breathe acid until his corpse is destroyed. Pike searches the room and finds broach, ring, hide armor and amulet as well as a trap door in the floor. We search the bodies and find nothing of value. Pike searches the trap door for traps and finds none. He opens the door and sees a 20’ shaft. Beltin spider climbs down and discovers a short tunnel that ends in 2 burnished brass doors. The group climbs down, Pike checks for traps and listens with no results. He pushes the door open with his sword and the light dims to normal and butterflies burst from the door. The room’s walls, ceiling and floor are covered with impaled corpses. There is a large grate in the floor connected to 2 winches. The grate opens to a room 60’below. We search the bodies and walls and find nothing.
We decide to head back and deal with the guillotine and shadow. The preceding room’s floor begins to undulate as we cross it. The door is unchained though we chained it when we left it the last time. We enter and attack the guillotine. The shadow comes out of the wall and attacks Bellamin. The guillotine attacks Gonoan. Bellamin attempts greater turning and fails. The guillotine is defeated quickly. We turn our attention to the shadow. Pike attempts to shoot it and the bolt passes through it with no effect. Bellamin fails to turn it a second time. We end after the shadow attempts to hit Bellamin again and fails.


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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