grey hawk

September 11th, 2013

Sanna and Nat discover that the lizard druid is still alive and are going to stabilize her but her viper begins hissing at them. Sanna attempts to grab it but misses and gets bit for her trouble. Gonoan stamps on it but doesn’t kill it. Sanna fails to grab it again, and Pike misses it with a sling stone. The snake tries to bite Sanna again but misses. Gonoan hits it with his axe and still doesn’t kill it. Sanna still can’t get her hands on it but Pike hits it with a sling bullet. This damn snake won’t die and now it slithers off. Gonoan charges it and finally kills it. The druid has a club, good berries(16), combat gear, 31cp, 20sp, 25 gp, and a heavy wooden shield. Beltin approaches the keep and learns that the mage and 3 warriors were captured by the lizard folk. Only 14 able bodies are left with 4 unconscious. Their captain was killed as well as almost half the troop. Sgt. Hardrayne is the senior officer left and is on the roof keeping watch. Sanna and Nat go up to the next level to see about the wounded. We send someone upstairs to get the Sgt. Beltin and he begin discussing what has happened. Beltin suggests he sends a messenger back to town while Hardrayne wants to know why we are here. Beltin tells him we are here because of the worry of lizard attacks. Hardrayne asks why they think that and Beltin tells him in no uncertain terms that that answer is above his pay grade. He wants to know why he should listen and if we are going to stay and help defend the tower. We tell him we are going to interrogate the prisoner to attempt to collect information and then head out after the lizard folk. If they have retreated to their lair, they won’t be able to return today and our presence won’t be necessary. If they have only withdrawn a ways to regroup, we will meet them before nightfall and all will be decided before they can return. He requests 2 of our horses to send his messengers out and we agree. We head downstairs and Beltin wakes up the lizard. She says that all we need to know is that her name is Shesht she is a great druid. Beltin tells her that her life is in his hands and that her people took our people. Where are they? She says that they were taken to ensure we don’t attack them. We begin discussing the origins of their complaints which stem from the disease that killed an entire year’s clutch of eggs. They are confident that humans brought it into their swamp. Their king, Shuskak, was a prisoner in the pits of Greyhawk. He managed to escape and told their people all about the depradations of humans versus other races. Their goal was to destroy the keep as they feel it is encroaching on their land. They do not want humans trying to push in to their land. Beltin waxes poetic about black and white vs gray, how most people are good, that our goal is peace and we have no intention of encroaching. She believes our intentions. Beltin proposes that she take us to her leader to which she agrees if we are unarmed and unarmored. Beltin rejects the idea as unsafe. He counters with having her lead us to their outskirts and then sending a message in to arrange a meeting. She agrees if we return her equipment to her. We do so. During the conversation, the sergeant starts questioning what is going on and that it is his job to beat the lizards. Beltin yells at him that that type of thinking is the problem; that his job is to defend against attacks and no more. His narrow mindedness is symptomatic of why we are on the brink of war. We also learn that Kushak was the leader of the attack group. During the conversation, Pike sneaks off and searches the wizards room. He finds a tapestry of Greyhawk and that she had been conversing with someone stationed at SilverLake. Hardrayne notices he is missing but not until just before he reappears. The Sgt heads off to check on his men and we find they are attempting to reinforce the door. Pike convinces them to allow him to include a trap. We divide up the night to take watches with the soldiers on the roof. The night passes uneventfully. We head out in the morning. Shesht warns that we will be in muck most of the time. She suggests that Obregon keeps an eye out for the other lizard folks tracks. We see some other lizard folk as we travel who are not of the Twisted Branch. We puff up and they take defensive stances and we pass unmolested. That night we find some dryish ground to set up camp with 5 fires around the circumference. Natuaru tells Beltin that if we disrupt the plans of Illfain, he will likely let you live but kill some of the others. He likely knows who Beltin is and would toy with him. Beltin is unsure what Nat is wanting. During the middle watch while Gonoan is up, all of a sudden a ghoul appears next to him and is as surprised to see him as Gonoan is. The ghoul swings and misses while Gonoan yells to wake us up. We begin getting up (Pike hides) and drawing weapons. Gonoan kills one right off the bat. Two manage to hit him and paralyze him. Sanna casts Gust of wind and clears a little fog. Nat hides. Beltin breathes acid. Obregon kills one as does Pike with his magic sword. One attacks Beltin, hits once and sickens him. The remaining two try to bite Pike but miss. Sanna blasts those 2 with a lightning bolt and Obregon kills the last one. Gonoan’s paralysis wears off pretty quickly and Beltin is still sickened for a little while. Pike searches the ghouls but finds nothing of value. Come on morning.


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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