grey hawk

October 9th, 2013

Shest is still angry and demanding her belongings be returned to her. When we keep talking, she decides to try and leave. Gonoan grabs her and punches her out. We leave her belongings with her and head towards the lizard folk lair. As we approach we see 4 of them out front. One goes in when they spot us and we hear them giving an alarm. We also notice 5 more hiding in the water. As we get closer, one comes out front and stands in our way asking our business. We tell him we are to see the king. He states that they are at war with our people. Beltin points out that we do not have arms out and do not wish to kill him but we are going in. We begin to walk around him. He does not react as we pass him but we notice the lizards in the water moving sneakily out of our way. We find a tunnel through the mangaroo roots covering the entrance and move through into the lair. We see an alcove in front of us at a T junction with javelins, shields and a pot of water in it. We turn right. We see a room with a number of sleeping pallets but no people. The passage curves to the left and down into another common room with pallets but they have been moved to the walls. There are 2 exits and we choose the one at which Gonoan hears some speech. We find 4 warriors and ask where the king is. One tells us to wait here but we move on without him. He calls out an alarm and prepares to attack Beltin. Pike shoots him, Sanna casts fists of stone. The lizard hits Sanna with a club but doesn’t disrupt her casting. Beltin crushes his skull in. Obregon begins to shoot at the other 3, dropping one and seriously injuring another. Gonoan charges the uninjured one and cleaves him down the middle. The remaining one throws a javelin at Sanna but misses. Pike skewers him with a crossbow bolt and drops him. We continue on. We go down some stairs and see 2 areas. One doorway is partially blocked by plant growth and the other has decorations and an old fire pit. A pool of water surrounds some tree trunks in the center of the room. Hishka stands at the ready and there are others hiding behind her. It turns out the missing mage and warrior are unconscious and bound toward the back. We decide pick them up on the way out. The other room has a large throne made of bone with a small pool with fish off to the side. There are 15 lizard warriors around the perimeter as well as 2 human warrior prisoners bound and unconscious. The king lounges on the throne holding a goblet. He is well armored. He tells Beltin “I thought you would be older” Beltin replies “I thought you would be larger” He wants to know who sent us and Beltin tells him his father did. He wants to know what we offer for peace and Beltin says peace itself. He says we will not leave here alive but he will let one leave to carry the message of war. We decline and he says how do we want to attack him, singly are all together. Sanna pulls out a potion and drinks it. The king throws his trident at Sanna and misses. Beltin moves and breathes acid on 6, killing 5. The remaining one moves to hit Beltin but fails. The lizard warriors all throw javelins at Sanna but only one hits. Pike kills the one attacking Beltin. Obregon casts his spell and Sanna casts lightning ball killing most of the rest and unfortunately one of the prisoners. Gonoan charges the king but misses. The king says he won’t touch Sanna and breathes acid at her causing a lot of damage. Beltin breathes acid at the king but it does nothing. The remaining warriors charge Gonoan and 2 hit him and die instantly from acid splash. Beltin hits the last one and kills him. Obregon and Pike both get arrows into him before Gonoan takes him down with 2 huge hits. He has a TridentM(1 returning, 8000gp), amulet(Natural Armor1,2000gp), bracersM(Armor+3,9000gp), pouchw/31cp, 35sp, 210gp. We heal the one remaining prisoner. We move back to the room with Hishka. We tell her that the king attempted to trap and kill us but we prevailed. We have claimed his belongings but taken nothing else. We heal up the mage and other warrior. We extend peace overtures and she requests Beltin’s father to represent their interests to Greyhawk. She just wants something in writing before she can guarantee no more raids. The mage asks about her belongings but they have been hidden and Hishka does not know where. We leave speedily and run into 8 lizard folk blocking the exit. We order them to move as the leadership has changed but they are belligerent so Beltin walks up and breathes acid killing 2 of them. Gonoan moves up and kills another. Obregon shoots 2 more. The remaining 3 flee calling for Keshack. We continue out into the swamp and start looking for a place to camp. Can we survive the fog?


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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