grey hawk

October 29th, 2012

We finish off the remaining humanoids without them getting off an attack. We keep one kobold alive and question it. It refers to Mcgrueger, it’s master who is back at their camp. There are apparently orcs, goblins, kobolds, and flinds at the camp. We loot the bodies and get 160 cp, 77 sp. The other halflings return and we set up camp. We enjoy a fine stew for dinner (Thanks Matt for the chili) During Pike’s watch, a flaming humanoid appears and approaches, looks at us and then turns around and quickly moves away. We are unable to catch it and return to our rest. The next day, we separate from the halflings to return to the caravan. We set up a signal so we will know if they need our help upon our return. We rejoin the caravan and move through the day. We come upon a clearing, and though it is not too late, Marcus wants to stop for the night. He doesn’t feel we can make the next camp before nightfall. As the caravan is setting up for the night, there is a crashing noise from the woods. A large group of humanoids move out and we attack. There are 5 kobolds, 4 goblins, 3 orcs and a flind. Beltin kills 2 kobolds, a goblin and injures an orc with his breath weapon, Sanna kills the flind with an ice knife. They charge us and hit Beltin for a lot of damage. We get in some good hits and notice the orcs are unusually tough. We finally take down most of them. The goblins move around behind us and flank Beltin, who is taken down. When the last of the orcs is killed, the goblins hold Beltin’s unconscious form hostage. Sanna offers to take Beltin’s place. The goblins demand her equipment and she places it in front of them. We notice 2 hobgoblins attempting to take the flind’s body. 2 of the goblins take Sanna, who breaks away. The 3rd goblin is holding a weapon on Beltin when Pike shoots him from hiding and puts a crossbow bolt in his forehead. Sanna and Obregon make short work of the hobgoblins and one of the goblins. Gonoan chases the last goblin through the woods, clubs him and brings him back. Darkeyes heals Beltin while explaining her lack of action during the combat being due to her need to protect the wagons. She apologizes but it falls on deaf ears. We loot the bodies and find 40 cp, 20 sp, 120 arrows, 6 gp, 2 50 gp gems, 2 50gp other gems, 2 handed sword, 3 chain shirt, 3 greataxes, chain shirt, 4 lt crossbows. Lady Darkeyes congratulates us on our prowess and invites us to keep on with her if we so decide. Gonoan interrogates the goblin and learns the camp is to the north.


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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