grey hawk

October 23rd, 2013

We make camp in the swamp. Pike and Obregon notice a couple of large constrictor snakes approaching the camp. Obregon says that is odd behavior as they would normally avoid people. They are moving very sneakily so Obregon shoots at them, killing one and injuring the other. Pike shoots but misses while Sanna kills the other with magic missiles. After we camp, the wizard ,Marzina, asks us about the keep and the peace overture. The next day we head back to Blackwall Keep. We notice fresh horses, repaired defenses and warriors of Hieroneous in residence. We meet with a powerful warrior of Hieroneous who thanks us for rescuing the prisoners. Marzina rushes into the keep without stopping to speak with anyone. We refresh ourselves and then meet with Marzina, the sergeant, Valkus Dun of Hieroneous and Allistan the wizard from Diamond Lake. We relate to them what happened. They are impressed with our abilities. Allistan wonders about the truce and its possible effectiveness. He offers his assistance directly or by contacting his brother, the mayor of Diamond Lake. He checks the magical aura of the items we claimed and is relieved that they are not tainted. We head back to Lower Eery and notice an increased military presence. We meet with Parlax and we share with him our tale . We discuss the political stances of both sides and what is motivating Illthain. Pike senses that Parlax is hiding something and calls him out on it. He admits to it and relunctantly tells us of the history of Illthain as related to him by Axon. He supposes that Illthain has outgrown her current lair and is seeking a new one. As she is attracted to decay and death, she is probably moving in to an old ruined city in the south swamp. Zagyg had at one time taken a black dragon as a servant. The connections are murky but worrisome. Preparations are begun for a celebratory dinner. Parlax doesn’t want to go to Greyhawk or get involved in the politics. He does write an introductory letter for us to give to the Oligarchy. We head back to Greyhawk. It’s the 28th of Goodmonth as we arrive. There are an unusually large amount of people and goods moving into the city. Apparently it is the first day of the Champions Games and so it takes a while to make our way in. We head home and find another scroll from Adriana asking where we are and that she is in town. Beltin answers her again and invites her to meet at the Griffons Nest at noon tomorrow. Sanna heads to the mage’s guild to have our items identified and check in. She gives them the highlights of our previous adventure and tries to get information about the swamp and Illthain. They tell her that Zagyg built the Castle several hundred years ago after a grand adventuring career. He then turned Greyhawk into the jewel of Flanaess. Eventually, he disappeared below his towers and issued odd proclamations from there. He was involved in some strange experiments and finally disappeared all together. She was unable to really learn anything else today but will keep researching. The next morning another scroll appears and Adriana apologizes but is not near. If she can catch a teleport, she will show up but may be late. Sanna heads back to the guild and the rest of us head towards the citadel and attempt to make contact with the Oligarchy. We meet with a member of the bureaucracy who takes our information and tells us someone will be in touch within 2 weeks. Pike goes to the guild safehouse but his contact is not around. Pike waits for a while but he doesn’t show up. Meanwhile, Sanna learns about Cycatha the lizard king of hundreds of years ago who is one of the stranger beings around. He was behind the banditry that plagued the area then but was not a common brigand. He eventually ruled the entire swamp and extended it out to encompass some of the human lands of Eyore. He built himself a grand tomb somewhere in the swamp with much magic. His weakness was his not using his magic to quell an uprising of humans. He rode into battle himself and fell to one who would become the first count of Eyore. The black dragon, Aulicus, was controlled by Cycatha although this was a reappearance of the supposedly dead lizard king several hundred years later. Zagyg must have captured and killed the lizard king to gain control of Aulicus. Pike attempts to find his contact again but he is still not in so he leaves word for Thomas to contact him. Later on, a Halfling shows up to find out what Pike wants and escort him. He is asked if his need is urgent as Thomas is very busy with all the people in the city. Pike says he can wait until things slow down. . We wait in town for word from the Oligarchy before we decide on our next move. Domesticity ensues. 2372gp,37sp,1cp.


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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