grey hawk

October 1st 2012

Obregon attempts to shoot the shadow and it passes straight through. Sanna hits it with a disrupt undead, Bellamin attempts turning again and fails, Beltin strikes at it and misses. The shadow attacks Beltin and misses. Sanna fires again and misses, Bellamin tries to hit it with cure light wounds, Beltin strikes at it again and they both miss. The shadow hits Beltin and drains his strength. Bellamin hits it with a cure light wounds and kills it. We check the first door and find a dead dwarf that appears to be one of the tower watchmen. We search the body and find MW warhammer, lt crossbow, adventuring gear, full plate, lg steel shield, cloak, potion. We search all the adjoining rooms and find nothing. Sanna discovers that Beltin’s ring is protection +1, the amulet aids natural weapons, the broach is shielding and the crystal ring does nothing for Pike. We head back to the elevators and run into 8 skeletons. We dispatch them quickly though Beltin misses twice. We then return the dead dwarf to the guardians. They are appreciative that we return his body and equipment. We gather the laborers and wagons and return to town. We identify our objects, sell some off and equip again. We gather to discuss our next move. We visit the wizard’s guild to look for other angles to follow up. They have no advice on where to go next. We will visit the Watch to see if there are any leads on where the bandits may be found.


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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