grey hawk

October 15th, 2012

We continue to discuss what to do next. Pike visits the thieves guild to inquire about entry and is accepted. Tirra is his orientator. Told to make contacts in the beggar’s guild and nightwatchmen. Beltin and Obregon visit the merchant guild to seek intelligence on bandit activity. Meet with Yala Sory. Tells us of a request for us to accompany a couple of caravans for the church of St Cuthbert. They are also looking for Ral Partha, Lord Greene, Hysalis and Ballis, members of the union who disappeared with their caravans. Most of the caravans that have been targeted have contained bulk goods. We also inquire about housing and learn the foreign quarter may be the best. Sanna and Gonoan visit the mercenaries guild. They ask about areas most hit by bandits and are told they can’t get that information without paying or joining. Sanna drives the price down. They find out that the bandits must have inside information about the delivery schedules. We decide to follow a caravan and attempt to track the bandits. At the Griffons Nest, Obregon spots a druid. Pike and Sanna approach him and attempt to find out what he is about. Pike slaps him with a glove and Sanna attempts to intimidate him. Pike steals his pouch and dumps his drink on him. We go the next morning to see Yala and find out the caravan the church wants our help with will be in in a few days. We wait. Pike attempts contact with the beggars guild, with little results. Bellamin is unable to accompany us at this time. Marcus Ariol is the caravan leader. Marya Darkeyes arrives from the church of St Cuthbert. The caravan sets out. We encounter a group of halflings led by Talf the Daring, that are looking for help finding and destroying a group of orcs. We agree and go with the halflings. We travel for a while when the halflings split up to look for a campsite. Shortly, 2 of the halflings return, wounded and fleeing a large group of kobolds and goblins. Sanna casts ice knife in their midst, wounding most of them. Beltin breathes acid, destroying 5. Talf moves up as does Gonoan who kills one. The humanoids move up and attack Beltin and Talf with no effect. Cliffhanger…


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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