grey hawk

November 6th, 2013

During the week, we come home to find a symbol on our window that Pike identifies as a summons to the safe house. He heads there and finds the old lady serving breakfast. Ratic is there and invites him to have breakfast. He tells Pike that the bosses have a job for him if he wants it. He should be able to do it while he is in town. The thieves guild is wanting to know what the big monster for the champion games will be. They have been unable to scry it or see it magically and it is probably not in the city yet. Pike is to find out what it is and everything he can about it. Meanwhile, Gonoan is at the Griffon’s nest each day drinking. He notices that the rooms are all occupied and there are a lot of extra people in the tavern. It turns out that there are fewer adventurers entering the Champions Game due to the mortality rate. The monsters keep getting harder and more people die so there is less interest. Nothing new is coming out of the ruins since everyone is caught up in the games. Crime is up and security has been increased. Pike returns with a request for help to find out about the Champions Game monster. Gonoan, Obregon and Beltin agree to help him. Apparently, prisoners have been disappearing from the prison and gladiators from the arena. We are trying to determine who might have the information we are looking for. We reach out to our contacts and learn that someone had to build the conveyance for the monster, and someone had to subdue it. Those someones are likely not residents of Greyhawk. These creatures seem to be created by worshipers of Zagyg who would be likely a subsect of Boccob. We go looking for the priests of Boccob we had met some months ago. They are at the Champions Games so we leave word for them to meet us at the Griffons Nest after they are done. We meet up and convince them to admit that they usually have some input into the creature chosen but were not approached this year. They don’t know who would have been involved but say Lawrus Racknian would know. They want to know when we are returning to the ruins but we tell them we have no plans to return any time soon and they leave. We learn about Talabir Welik the wizard referee who appears to be neutral, dedicated and follows the rules closely. He doesn’t appear to be approachable for any information. We decide to bluff him into believing that someone is attempting to kill the creature and then follow him to its location. He doesn’t seem to buy it but brings in security who feel we are wasting their time. But they send 2 men off and Pike follows them. They go into the arena building and down some stairs. There are other people moving around down here as well. They enter a room with a frieze on the wall and an elevator big enough to haul something huge. They continue through the room and up another set of stairs. There are a lot of shadowy areas, stairs and door ways. It seems they are headed towards Racknians palace. Pike follows them up the stairs and remains unnoticed. The guards knock and are allowed in after stating that they have news for Raknian. Back at the wizard’s guild, Sanna is researching the dragon, lizard king and swamp as well as trying to find information on who might be helping create the Game monster. The ruins are in the southern part of the swamp and the cartographers guild would be able to give a more detailed location for Eeyor, the name of the ruins. If Illthain is searching for a magical item, it must be powerful and useful to a dragon. The rest of the group is waiting for Pike to return and notices the 2 guards approach Racknian in his private box. He listens and then gives them a curt order and they leave. We also notice that more of the guards in the area seem to be paying extra attention to us. Sanna joins us as Pike gets back. We wait for the 2 guards to reappear and when they do, they seem to be heading back towards their original group or the barracks. Everyone but Sanna heads back to where Pike found the animal cages to see what we can see.


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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