grey hawk

November 26th, 2012

Sanna kills the flind in front of her, Obregon and Pike miss the flind who is shouting to the others to take us alive. The goblins and orcs continue surrounding Beltin and Gonoan. The hobgoblins advance on Sanna. Pike and Obregon take out one, Sanna takes out the other 3. Beltin and Gonoan are side by side with their backs to the wall. Everyone converges on the remaining orcs and goblins and they start to go down. Obregon notices a small creature sneaking away from behind Sanna. The last 2 remaining orcs attempt to flee and Gonoan chases after them. A half man/half rat emerges from one of the huts and advances on Sanna while a voice chimes up behind her “he he he, I have your magic missile wand. I want the other one, give it to me”. There is no one visible. Obregon hits Jason with 2 arrows that stick in him but don’t seem to harm him. Sanna hits him with a flaming sphere which causes him pain, Beltin hits him with acid and kills him. Sanna kills the remaining goblins. The flaming man appears and approaches Beltin. They trade barbs when Beltin feels something try to steal his potion. He breathes acid in that direction and melts the real Freddy as the flames are just an illusion. Gonoan chases down the remaining orc and kills it. We loot the bodies and search the huts. We find 750 gp, pearl(100gp), 12 knives (normal), double bladed axe(10gp), 80sp, 800cp, 30 clay marbles, 4 short swords, owl bear skin(500-1000gp), 5 polished knives(10gp ea), oil lamp, giant weasel pelt(1500gp), 3 bottles old wine(20gp ea), silver ring(300gp), flind barsx2, chain shirtx6, great axex6, longswordsx4, studded leatherx4, lt shieldx4, morningstarx5, scimitar. We also find a kobold who we take prisoner. He tells us Freddy has most of his treasure somewhere else but doesn’t know where. Also that the orcs were from a band on its way to Castle Greyhawk and that they came from someone associated with Iuz. Sanna puts a leash on it and sets it to some menial tasks. As Obregon and Pike search the huts, some blood hawks approach and attack. We kill them easily.


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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