grey hawk

November 21st, 2013

We approach the animal pens and pass a spiral staircase that goes down. There are 3 pens on each side of the hallway and we hear a feline growl as well as a porcine grunt. As we enter the row, a pair of leopards begin to roar loudly. We hear a voice muttering at the other end, wondering about the noise. A set of laborers appears and warns of losing body parts if we attempt to mess with the locks. We see 2 leopards, a lion and 3 boars but see nothing else of interest in the cages. The workers are waiting impatiently but don’t say anything else. A couple of guards come up behind them and tell them to get back to work and ask if we are supposed to be in the coenoby? Beltin bluffs and says we got turned around and asks how to get back. They direct us to any staircase and we move to the spiral stairs. Pike tries to signal that he is going to stay put but is seen by one of the guards. They approach and ask if he belongs to us. Pike responds that he belongs to no one. Beltin asks what he is doing and the guards push him toward us. He makes disparaging remarks and laughs as he moves towards us. We move down the stairs. Meanwhile, Sanna is keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary and spots Akiira with his pals. She doesn’t approach but keeps watching him. The rest of the group ends up in a large hallway that leads to the Coenoby. Every 40-50 ft there is a spiral staircase going up. We wait a bit and then head back up, sending Pike down the hallway to check it out. He heads around the left side of the dome and sees a large irregular room with a living area and a small blue door. There are 4 guards in the room and Pike sneaks past them to the blue door and believes it is a bathroom. He moves back in to the hallway again and continues moving around. There are more cages opposite that hold prisoners due to be executed in the arena as well as 2 locked doors. He listens at one door and smells vinegar. He picks the lock and opens the door “quietly”. He cracks a sun rod and sees a small cellar filled with hundreds of glass bottles on shelves and smells strongly of vinegar. It appears to be a wine cellar. He searches and finds nothing. A vagabond looking prisoner begins making nonsense noises in one of the cells. Pike moves to the other door, picks the lock and opens the door. He sees a storage room with storage vases and flasks stored within. Pike leaves and returns to the party. We feel there must be a hidden floor in between this one and the next so he looks for a secret door on the staircase but finds none. He then heads to the workshop to see if any of the workers are with the thieves guild. The rest of us follow most of the way. He asks for help finding someone. One approaches and offers his help. Pike makes a rogue sign but no one picks up on it. We move back to the more populated areas with Pike leaving messages in thieves cant to meet him at the Griffons Nest with any information. Tiira arrives and Pike is surprised to see her. She asks what help he needs. He tells her he is hitting a dead end searching for the monster. He fills her in on what we have done so far. She tells him that she used to adventure with Auric and Kellek but they parted ways. She wants to talk to his superior about assigning him jobs that utilize his strengths. He insists that he can do the job but needs some advice on a next step. She advises him to search more or give up, but that he is not using all of his resources. We talk about approaching Racknian and attempting to get something from him. Pike approaches his box in the arena and a couple of guards move towards him. They try to stop him but Racknian says he is probably a fan and to let him through. Pike moves in and is offered an autograph but declines. He asks if he plans to kill Auric and Kellek on purpose or on accident? Racknian says they are fighting in the games and if they have to face the monster, they face the monster. They can probably kill whatever they come up against. Pike says there is a faction that wants Auric to die and one that wants them to live. Racknian questions whether Pike thinks he wants them dead but others want to stop him. Pike asks if he has chosen a monster deliberately to counter the abilities of Auric and Kellek. Racknian says to Pike that it sounds like he is being accused of trying to kill them but it is his job to put on a good show. But he should be turned over to the proper authorities for questioning before he can ruin the games and calls his guards to detain Pike. How will Pike react?


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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