grey hawk

November 12th 2012`

The caravan finishes setting up camp. Pike sneaks up on the off duty guards and listens in on their conversation. The guards wonder why we are along and believe we have a rogue with us. Beltin, Obregon and Sanna approach Marya. We ask about getting paid. We agree to 10 gp day each. We ask her what is so special on this caravan that she would be needed. She declines to answer. We sleep. The caravan sets off in the morning. During the afternoon, we hear a lot of rustling in the trees off to the left. We are unable to determine what over the noise of the wagons. Ahead of us something small bounces off a tree and rolls across the road in the brush. Gonoan and Beltin proceed ahead and see something moving in the trees. We have trouble figuring out what it is. Sanna moves up to join while Marya stops the caravan to prepare for possible ambush. Obregon manages to convince it to come out and it turns out to be a talking cat named Carrot. Despite Pike’s objections, we invite it to accompany us. Marcus and Pike discuss the cat disparagingly. Marcus wants the cat kept away from the front of the caravan. Carrot rides with Obregon. The caravan moves on. We make camp. The rest of the caravan attempts to stay away from the cat. We talk to Carrot and try to learn about its past. We learn very little and Pike and it bicker. During Beltin’s watch, there is a rustling in the brush. Upon investigation we find a tree with a face. It makes evil looking faces but doesn’t speak or move. Sanna determines that it is an illusion. Meanwhile Marya discovers that a lot of the wagon wheels are missing and there is underwear in their places. Sanna attempts to divine what spell was used and believes it is polymorph object. All of a sudden the burning man appears across the clearing. He says “Don’t thank me for giving you an extra set of underwear because you are going to need them if you come after me” We run at him. Beltin asks him why he took the wheels. He says he wants our stuff and wants to take it by force; he wants us to come to his camp. Beltin asks for directions and receives them. Freddy says that he wants only us to come and face him. He leaves and Obregon hits him with an arrow and Sanna with 2 magic missiles. He shrugs off both attacks. Marya gives us a cure serious wounds potion which Beltin carries. Pike confronts Marcus now and then again in the morning but learns nothing new. We walk through the woods until we come upon a human singing to a group of humanoids. We spread out and Beltin walks out and talks to the singer. He claims they are friends of Freddy’s and offers his hospitality. Beltin divulges that Freddy summoned him and he is probably supposed to kill them all. The singer asks Beltin to wait while he tries to find Freddy. After a few moments, the humanoids decide they should attack. 6 orcs, 2 flinds, 4 hobgoblins, 4 goblins, 1 kobold. We take advantage of their surprise. Pike shoots an orc in the back while Sanna sets another on fire. The goblins rush Beltin who takes out one of them. The orcs advance on Beltin as well and a flind goes after Sanna. To be continued…


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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