grey hawk

May 20th, 2013

Obregon goes to the church of St Cuthbert and has his curse removed, Pike goes to the church of Oldimarra and has his disease cured. We split up. Gonoan goes to the Griffons Nest to drink and seek gossip. He hears that people have been talking about our defeating the guillotine (we receive the Favor of the headmaster; if we are hit with a vorpal weapon, we only take damage). He also hears about the 9 demi-gods that Zagyg imprisoned beneath Castle Greyhawk. Sanna checks in at the mage’s guild. She relays what has happened since we left. She asks to speak to the next level up from her contact, seeking additional information on her mission. She is told about a huge spider being spotted around the courthouse. Beltin visits the Merchant’s Guild to join. Yala Sory speaks to him and tells him that one of the missing persons we were keeping an eye out for was rescued from Castle Greyhawk. Beltin spoke to him and got his story. He was on a caravan and then woke up in a dark room with some others. He was battered and bleeding. Some of the others with him died. One day the guards (who they never saw) left the barred door ajar and they escaped into the first level of the war tower. A group of adventurers stumbled across them and returned them to Greyhawk. Apparently not everyone from the caravan was taken. Others were just knocked unconscious and only some items were taken from the caravan. Pike and Obregon wander his territory, the river quarter. Pike notices a guild sign indicating he needs to meet with someone from the guild. It is at a rundown house. He finds what looks like a human thug, Thomas Radic . He wants the lowdown on the rooms, traps and treasures we came across. He lets Pike know that he will be dealing with him instead of Tirra now. He also gets information on a guild warehouse to leave things at that he can’t get through the gates. He is tasked with finding out what the bandits are doing as they are infringing on the area of the Greyhawk thieve’s guild. We get our items identified and appraised, which amounts to 1246 gp each. We furnish and move into our house in Clerkberg. Then we head back to the ruins. We continue down the corridor we left and see a passageway off to our right. It leads to a chamber with stone tables, an altar on a raised platform and a large statue of a beautiful woman. There is a large goblinoid creature in a voluminous robe of whom we can only see his red, glowing eyes. We move into positions, Sanna greets it and it spider climbs up the wall. What happens next?


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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