grey hawk

May 13th, 2013

The ogres approach and charge. One hits Sanna pretty hard as she moves away and we get in some hits in the first round. One of them charges Beltin and almost kills him but Gonoan and Obregon get in big hits and take them both down. We find hide armor+1, 1015gp, Greatclubs+1, 2005gp, and rings of protection +1,2000gp, on the ogres. We move back to the room we found the injured bandits in to spend the night. We rest uneventfully. In the morning, we go towards the locked door in the lift chamber. It has unnamed enchantments on it and Beltin unlocks and opens the door. It opens onto a spiral staircase going down. We head down. At the bottom we enter a room with 4 large braziers around a pile of skulls being constructed by 3 human skeletal warriors, with 3 skeletal wolves in attendance. They charge us. Beltin and Gonoan each kill one and Naturu turns the rest. The wolves flee down the staircase. Beltin kicks over the pile of skulls; Obregon and Pike search the pile and find a symbol underneath. When we look down the staircase, we see a dead bugbear on the floor next to an alcove with the sculpture of a leering skull in it and the floor is scorched. The symbol on the floor is of Wee-Jas. Pike searches the bugbear and finds a mace with the head shaped like a skull which Obregon takes. There are more stairs going down to a set of double doors or a passage to the west. We opt for the passage. It leads to a pair of double doors behind which is a steep stair case into a frigid room that appears to have been a refrigerated area. We head back to the other set of doors and open them. They open onto a long hallway. There are double doors a short way down on the left. We open them and there is a small chapel with an altar at the end of a set of pews with a blood red tapestry depicting a skull headed mace. As we move into the room, a large mace with the head of a skull rises up and sends blackness through the room. It curses Obregon. We attack it and discover it has hardness and is difficult to damage. Gonoan rages and starts whaling on it. Naturu attempts to turn it without success. Pike sneaks forward to try and get behind it. Sanna hits it with electricity. Beltin and Obregon keep hitting it and doing no damage while Gonoan keeps beating it down. Pike attempts to disable it and fails. Sanna hits it with acid. It continues attacking Beltin. Beltin breathes acid on it. Pike finally manages to disable it though we keep hitting it until it is destroyed. We search the room and find nothing. We leave and return to Greyhawk to heal Pike and Obregon.


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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