grey hawk

March 4th, 2013

We head towards the fresco room. Gonoan steps in and nothing happens. Pike notices a shadowy wisp in the fresco that doesn’t seem to belong. Pike begins to move around the perimeter of the room opposite the wisp. He searches the door and finds it untrapped and unlocked, so he opens the door. This leads to a star shaped room with doors at each point and mutilated bodies, guts and blood around. Pike begins to search the room while Obregon uses track to figure out what has been going on. He determines which door they came in and we notice that this is the remains of the brothers Hamish. We find writing above each of the doors, they are cryptic and menacing. We head through the door the brothers came through. It is a short hallway that ends in a door. Pike searches his way to the door which has no lock. He opens the door and finds an odd room with a 3’ runnel along the perimeter. We see holes in the walls and iron loops in the floor. Through the next door is a long hallway. Pike opens the door at the end and we see a room lined with old human skeletons. Across the room, in front of one of the doors, lies Charleg Hamish. Natauru determines that he is dead. We move the body and open the door. We see the room in which the Hamish brothers died with a stone door at the other end. Obregon checks the tracks and notices the earth creature never left the room and a gargoyle has gone through the room. Gonoan determines that the door would open when touched. He touches it and it becomes a large earth elemental that stands still. We exit to the outside and a gargoyle flies away. We head towards the river and make camp nearby. We make it back to Dyvers. When we return to the Sleepy Dragon, they are surprised to see we are alive. We have been missing for 5 weeks. The innkeeper says he attended our funerals. We are understandably confused. Beltin, Pike and Natauru head towards the church to seek healing, but Sanna decides to stay behind and get drunk. We manage to get healed. Meanwhile the rest meet with the merchant’s guild reps. We learn that they do not know who paid for the funerals but point us to the funeral home that handled us. They accept we are who we say are and pay us the 1000 gp. We sell off our superfluous gear and restock. Treasure is 938 gp, 67sp, 112 cp each. (notice this is 200 gp extra as I forgot to include the 1000gp reward)


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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