grey hawk

March 26th, 2014

We loot the bodies and blob and find nothing of value. Pike searches the altar and finds nothing. Sanna attempts to reassemble the broken statue to learn what it was of. She believes it is of some sort of god that resembles a troll. Gonoan looks into the room that the minotaurs came out of. There are bones littering the floor and manacles with chains set in to the wall, and keys hanging on the opposite wall. He goes and looks in to the opposite room and sees a bedchamber. The door has mostly been eaten by acid. It contains a moldy bed with a dismembered skeleton on it and a wardrobe takes up one wall. There is also a crumbling desk and chair. A number of pegs have been driven in to the walls. We decide to explore the bone room first. The manacles are masterwork, the keys work in them and Pike places them in his bag of holding. He also finds 32gp of loot amongst the bones. We move to the bedchamber. Pike begins searching the desk and notices some green mold. He decides not to touch it as it looks ready to crumble. The massive wardrobe contains tattered clothing on both sides but there are none in the center. There is a secret door in that part of the wardrobe and Pike checks it for traps. Meanwhile, Sanna enters the room and decides to hit the desk with her spiked gauntlet and mold billows up around it. She begins to cough as it settles but doesn’t appear to take any harm. The secret door had no trap on it. We notice the dismembered skeleton is missing its head and arms as Pike searches the bed. He then goes to open the secret door, hears nothing through it and manages to figure out how to open it. A few of us notice an odd buzzing noise coming from somewhere that we are unable to determine accurately. We open the secret door and a short corridor leads to a heptagonal room. It appears to be a bedchamber untouched by previous looters. A female skeleton is curled up on the dusty bed. A dusty vanity holds the glimmer of gold. There is writing on the wall in blood which says “my beloved, dead, killed by those villains. Not dead for long my love. I saw it become the blob and take his head. It would have taken mine too if it could have. Take my bones from this place so I can rest in peace and tell my friends of my fate. Amarinna Starwatch.” Pike puts her remains in a large sack and then into his bag of holding. He searches the room and finds a golden comb, gold earrings and assorted other jars and containers. Sanna sweeps these chambers with the wand of detect magic but finds nothing. Pike then searches the main chamber and finds a secret door behind the altar. He opens it and sees a passage heading in 2 different directions. We take the left hand one. There are double doors down on the left and a passage off to the right just past it. Pike checks the doors for traps and don’t find any. He does hear the strange buzzing behind the door. We push open the doors and see a large octagonal room. There are upturned tables and chairs around the room and a large table atop a raised platform. An archway is to the right and two doors across the room. All of a sudden, out of the gloomy reaches of the room, some gangly bipeds without nose or mouth, with multi faceted eyes and large claws move from behind the broken furniture. We are surprised and 2 of them fly at us, attacking Gonoan and Pike. Gonoan takes a hit but they miss Pike. Gonoan hits the one in front of him, while Pike hits his as well. Pike then moves back behind Beltin. Gonoan gets attacked again with one claw and its stinger. The other hits Beltin with a claw. Nat does not know what these creatures are. Beltin sprays his with acid. Sanna throws an orb of electricity at the one in front of Gonoan which falls. Obregon puts 3 arrows in the one on Beltin which drops. Gonoan charges one of the remaining but misses and Pike fails to hit it with his crossbow. They turn invisible. One attacks Gonoan and hits twice. Beltin moves up and goes defensive. Sanna comes up and puts out a cone of lightning. Obregon attempts to hit the one that attacked Gonoan to no avail. Gonoan steps back and drinks a potion. Pike shoots where he thinks one is but misses. One attacks and hits Gonoan twice. The other charges and hits Sanna. Beltin moves up and hits the one on Gonoan. Sanna casts burning hands and kills the one attacking her. Obregon hits the other with an arrow killing it. We search the room and find magical rings on each of the bipedal creatures as well as a potion bottle each(resist energy). Sanna checks them for magic and detects faint abjuration on all of the items. The creatures have a chitinous covering but there are fairly fresh organs stored inside of them. We find nothing else of interest in the main room. (405 xp) What is behind the other doors?


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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