grey hawk

March 18th, 2013

The next morning, we get Sanna healed and finish gearing up. We then head to the Black Coffin funeral home. We enter and are met by the undertaker (Froyo Rewards) who seems genuinely surprised to see us alive. He leads us to a side room and explains the process for showing the bodies and holding them to be claimed and that he doesn’t know what the final disposition of our bodies was. He knows we were sent to a holding area outside the city to await someone claiming us. He excuses himself to find out what happened after that. When he returns, he says that our bodies should still be there. He is going to go look for himself. We strongly push to accompany him but he states that that would be illegal as he can’t be sure who we are. He does agree to take a witness of our choosing with him. We send Obregon to fetch a priest from the Church of St Cuthbert while the rest of us stake out the exits to prevent him leaving without us. Pike stalks Froyo through the building. We notice a number of crows hanging around an outdoor, fenced yard. Gonoan and Sanna keep an eye on the rear exits while Beltin returns to the front. Pike hears him talking to someone else about their procedures and trying to make sure they did everything correctly. He does hear that our gear was stored at the Legion of Doom. Obregon gets to the church and obtains the services of an acolyte (Aquinnah) to act as our witness. We introduce the acolyte to the undertaker. The undertaker states that he is no longer going to check the bodies as he is not legally responsible. We take Aquinnah to the holding area. The guard shows us where our bodies are held. We find they all hold dead animal bodies and that the locks have been tampered with. Obregon finds some fine thread on the floor. The other bodies are intact and the empty trays are actually empty. Pike searches and finds no other exits. Sanna detects magic but finds nothing. We talk to the guard captains and learn Neves(human), Girn(1/2 orc), Chamriana(human), Sierno the faithless(human) are the ones who recovered our bodies. We meet with a detective and explain the tale to him. After, we head to the Legion of Doom. They open the peep hole, Pike smarts off and they close it again. They refuse to answer after that. Sanna gets pissed and uses fist of stone on the door. They answer and we ask about our stuff. They say that it was all stolen a week after they received it. There was no break in, it was just missing. We then went searching for the adventurers that found us. We learn they were around for a while but left sometime after the funeral, which they attended. They appeared to be checking out who showed up and who didn’t. Common opinion is that they were all unsavory. Next, we head to the mage’s guild. They don’t seem interested in what happened or have anything relevant. We do learn that Bronwyn has sought out dark magic before and had been kicked out of another mage guild in her past. She was well thought of in Dyver’s and had been called on for her ability to speak with dead.


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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