grey hawk

March 12th, 2014

As we move through the halls, we notice that the cosmetic damage we caused has been repaired but traps and treasure have not been reset despite the time that has passed. The clean areas are building up dirt and debris, which is also unusual. As we get close to Gouger’s lair, we begin to exude odd smells, and then begin to speak as internet cats. This passes as we get through the magically warped rooms. All evidence of the troll’s habitation has been removed from his room. We go down the trapdoor to the tunnel below and we each burst into green magical non-damaging flames. Pike checks the brass door and finds no traps while Gonoan listens at it and hears what sounds like bone scraping on stone. We open the doors and see several large skeletal 2-headed humanoids armed with morningstars. Beltin spits acid at them and they attack him and Gonoan. They score one hit on Gonoan who charges and hits one. Obregon shoots one 4 times but it doesn’t do full damage. Sanna hits it with 2 scorching rays and it explodes into bone splinters. Beltin steps up and smacks one twice. They attempt to hit us and do manage to hit Gonoan again. They then each pull out a second Morningstar. Gonoan hits his twice with his axe and Obregon breaks up 4 more arrows in its bony backside. Bone shards are filling the air. Sanna destroys one with a scorching ray and burns the other. The remaining one hits Beltin but falls to a massive hit from Gonoan. Their morningstars are old and rusty and they also have a javelin but nothing of value. We search the room and besides the impaled corpses of large humanoids, we don’t find anything of interest. Nat identifies the bodies as dungeon dwellers such as trogolodytes, ogres. Sanna casts light on a bone and drops it down the grate. It seems to bounce off something but disappears from view within a couple of feet indicating some sort of magical darkness. Rather than force the grate we decide to head back to the Blackstone crypt and go down through the chasm there. We turn the pillars and re-open the chasm doors. Gonoan looks in and sees it goes about 70’ down and is cavernous but doesn’t look naturally carved. Beltin spider climbs down to the closest opening and looks in. He sees a passage heading away. He keeps moving around checking openings until it is obvious that none of them are more interesting than the others. He reports this to the others and we all climb down and begin exploring. Most of the tunnels just loop back to the chasm but we eventually find a larger area leading in different directions. We can feel dampness from one direction and head that way. This ends at a fast flowing river full of giant pikes. The other side appears to be caved in and scorched. Walking along the river in either direction would be hazardous so we head back and go a different direction. We come into a low tunnel and find a ladder going up. Beltin spider climbs up the ladder well and finds it dead ends. He searches but finds no exit. We send Pike up to look around and he finds a secret door. It has no traps and he discovers the mechanism to operate it and opens it quietly. We let the others know to come up and Beltin enters this low passageway. After about 20’, it turns to the right. It goes another 15’ or so and stops. Pike moves up and searches the area, finding a secret trap door in the ceiling. It is not trapped and he hears nothing behind it. He opens this one and it opens into an old chapel. To the right is passage with an empty dais on either side of it. There is the stump of a large statue in the center as well and an ancient altar composed of old red bones on one wall. Beltin climbs in and spots a black blob with decayed body parts in it some of which appear to be trying to escape. There are also 3 minotaur zombies down another passage. The blob advances on Beltin and slams him. Beltin then breathes acid on the zombies. Gonoan pops up and hits the blob. The lead minotaur attacks Beltin with a great axe and causes him some damage. Sanna joins us and throws up a wall of electricity between Beltin and the zombies. Obregon comes up and tries to shoot the blob but misses. The blob sends negative energy into the lead zombie and moves down another hall. Beltin and Gonoan manage to get hits in on it as it goes. Gonoan then follows it and finishes it off. The minotaurs move back away from the lightning wall, in to what appears to be another room. Sanna lets the wall drop and throws a lightning bolt down the hall at them. Obregon follows that up with 4 arrows in to the lead one. Beltin moves down the trapdoor and asks Nat for healing. Gonoan charges the next one and hews it down. The next one in line charges and hits Gonoan. Sanna kills that one with scorching ray. Nat uses the healing belt on Beltin. Gonoan charges the last and gets hit in return. Sanna finishes it off with magic missiles. Will we discover any treasure?


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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