grey hawk

June 24th, 2013

We begin to remove her equipment and find combat gear, full plateM, heavy steel shield,skull topped heavy maceM, cloakM(resistance +1), silver holy symbol, spell component pouch, golden token of WeeJas. Pike and Obregon search the room and bodies but find nothing else of value. After stripping Moniqua, we notice her skin is thickened and scaly, probably contributing to her armor class. We begin checking the 3 doors out of here, starting with the one amidst the alcoves. The door is neither trapped nor locked. A large crumbling table dominates this room and a stone shelf in the wall holds a number of glass jars. Gonoan goes in and checks the room; finds a number of different sized and shaped jars but not much else. Sanna detects magic and finds 3 of the jars which radiate magic(cure serious wounds). We take them and the remaining 10 bottles with us. We move to the door adjacent to the exit. The room is full of broken down bunks and nothing else. Nothing radiates magic. At the final door, there is a large table with the symbol of WeeJas carved into the top and a spike-less iron maiden in the corner. There is a hole in the top with a funnel attached. No magic is detected here either. We awaken Moniqua, Beltin intimidates her and we begin to question her. She claims to be on a mission from Orcus to animate the dead. Orcus desires to cover the world with undead. She also believes the tokens will get you through the barriers. She doesn’t like that we want to destroy her undead. She mocks us as mercenaries. She doesn’t know anything about Coranth or the orcs. She does tell us there are many creatures from the underdark and the abyss down here but she doesn’t control them. Her skin is due to infernal rituals. Gonoan punches her and knocks her back unconscious. We head towards the surface and return to Greyhawk with Moniqua. Pike and Beltin drop the armor, shield and mace in the thieves warehouse (Soddenhold). Pike picks the lock and we store our stuff in a box and leave it all locked up again. Meanwhile, back at the bridge, there is a flutter in the air and a ray comes out of thin air targeting Moniqua. A flying imp, which shot the ray, appears about 60’ away. Gonoan throws himself on top of Moniqua. The imp turns invisible, Sanna detects magic and finds the imps aura. Obregon hits it with one out of four arrows. The imp creates a ball of chaotic energy around itself and moves towards us. Sanna hits it with magic missiles and Obregon hits it with another arrow. Natauru heals Moniqua one hit point to stabilize. The imp flees and Obregon attempts to shoot it but misses. Beltin and Pike return and then Beltin heads in to Greyhawk to get someone from the church of st Cuthbert. They bring a hearse and load up Moniqua. While they are doing this, we notice movement in the brush. Gonoan charges it and gets hit by one of its claws and it becomes visible. Beltin hits it with acid and Pike moves around behind it. Obregon hits it with a couple of arrows and it hits Beltin. Sanna hits it with hail of stone and it falls. The guards want to know what is going on and we give them a short answer. We follow them to the church, while Pike and Gonoan go to recover the gear we left in Soddenhold. Pike is unable to pick the lock so goes looking for another way in. He discovers the warehouse extends over the river and attempts to swim underneath and find a way in. He comes up in a room whose floor has caved in to the water. He climbs out but falls back in. He gets his climbing gear and tries again. He comes to a double door leading into the warehouse proper. He struggles to pick the lock and gets it eventually. He passes a number of barred cells which are unoccupied but he hears babbling. It appears to be coming from a dead human male body in one of the cells. He comes upon another locked door and struggles to pick it as well but succeeds after a while. He ascends a staircase to a catwalk which leads in to the warehouse itself. He jumps down in to the warehouse and falls in to a pit trap with spikes at the bottom. That hurt! He climbs back out and lets Gonoan in through the front door. Meanwhile, the rest of the party arrives at the church and are led in to a secluded room. Moniqua is moved elsewhere. Eritae meets with us and asks us to fill her in. We let her know everything that has happened. She tells us that there are some worshipers of WeeJas in town and they may be able to help understand the tokens if we can find them. She would also be interested in knowing where the imp came from. Then a couple of guys come back in with some information from Moniqua. We overhear that she was tough but gave up some information. She made a pact with Orcus to find what she thinks is a treasure or magic in the area. Orcus sent the hooded pupils to aid her. And he imbued the area with some of his power to raise the dead. Eritae tells us that it appears Orcus wants someone to challenge him as he has not struck down his priestess for being captured. She asks if we are planning to return and we answer affirmatively. Until next time…


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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