grey hawk

June 10th, 2013

Sanna attempts to use diplomacy on the hooded humanoid with no effect. Natauru determines it is a hooded pupil which is undead. Beltin immediately attacks with acid breath scoring first blood. Pike misses with a crossbow bolt, Obregon gets in a single hit. The hooded pupil moves down the wall away from us and 2 more drop from above the doorway. Gonoan charges one and hits it hard. Sanna casts magic missile against the same one and it falls. Natauru attempts to turn the other and fails. Beltin follows the one on the wall. Pike puts a crossbow bolt in the one on the ground and Obregon hits it with an alchemist arrow and set it on fire. The pupil on fire takes time to put it out while the one on the wall jumps down on to the table but lands poorly. Sanna hits it with magic missiles and Beltin takes it out with his Morningstar. We begin searching the room when another hooded pupil appears at the doorway. Gonoan immediately hits it. Sanna gets it with a flame sphere and Gonoan takes it down with his axe. Pike finds a secret drawer in the statue which contains some assorted religious objects. We move down the hallway and see the far wall of the next room appears to be flaming behind which are inscribed arcane runes. To the left there is a fresh water cistern in the floor of the hall, while the hall to the right extends into the darkness. Sanna knows the runes indicate the different energy forces (ie cold, fire) and pose no immediate danger. She discovers that if you touch one of the symbols, the fire changes to whichever she touches. Beltin spider climbs around the cistern and finds the doors unlocked. Gonoan attempts to jump the cistern but doesn’t quite make it and falls into the water. Beltin pulls him out. We find a room with a fine desk and chair surrounded by glowing runes with a couple of bookcases along the wall. Beltin and Gonoan break the bookcases apart and find 2 scrolls and 2gp worth of trinkets. We use the boards to help everyone cross the cistern. Sanna attempts to identify the scrolls and deciphers one as death ward but fails to figure out the other. She also determines that the runes are designed to either keep something in or something out. Gonoan throws a pebble through and it just lands on the desk. We tie a rope around Pike and he crosses the runes which then go out. He heads to the desk and opens the drawer. Inside is a silver token embossed with the symbol of WeeJas. There is also a gp worth of assorted items on the desk. All of a sudden, Obregon and Gonoan who are standing in the door way feel something fly past them but can’t see anything. Gonoan closes the door to keep it from coming back in as we finish searching the desk area. Nat believes the token has no real purpose anymore. We don’t find anything else of interest and so we leave and head down the other hallway. There is a 5’ wide passageway heading up and there is azure wall of force blocking access further down the original passage. There is another one past the first which is red. Beltin attempts to pass through with the token but fails. So, we head up the smaller passage which ends in a door. Through the door is an odd chamber littered with dead that have been disinterred from a number of alcoves in the wall. There are also doors to our right and left. We hear something moving up ahead. Sanna calls out hello and is answered by a female voice. She asks us to talk amongst ourselves while she gets ready to kill us. Beltin asks why she wants to kill us and she says to reanimate us for her lord, Orcus. We buff up and move ahead. We see she is a fair skinned, blonde haired human woman in full plate armor with a skull headed mace and steel shield. She says “oh, human types” and attempts to cause fear in Beltin which fails. Beltin breathes acid on her and gets her full in the face. Gonoan attempts to hit her and misses due to her ducking into an alcove. Sanna casts an electric fireball which just catches her. She casts doom on Gonoan. Obregon, Beltin and Gonoan all miss her. Sanna hits her with an electric lance. She cries “My name is Moniqua and I’ll be back”, grows demonic wings and attempts to fly away. Gonoan and Beltin move to block her exit from the area. Sanna misses with a scorching ray. The blonde takes a healing potion. Beltin hits her with acid again. Sanna burns her with Burning hands and she falls to the ground. What goodies does she carry?


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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