grey hawk

July 8th, 2013

We split up to handle business. Sanna gets the cloak identified as resistance +1 and figures out the potions were cure serious. We sell the cloak and divide the potions among ourselves. She shares our adventures with them and they advocate for breaking through the barriers. Sanna declines to commit to such an action. Beltin and Pike take the remaining 7 bottles to an alchemist to have them identified. The alchemist asks for a day to check them out and gives a receipt. Sanna seeks out the temple of Wee-Jas with Obregon tagging along. She talks to them and they are aware of the old shrine under the temple. They talk about the barriers being made to keep creatures from below out of their shrine. The silver token is for defeating a quasit aligned with a demon prince, Grazzitz opposed to Orcus. Sanna describes what is there now. The priests are opposed to us going through the barriers as they feel it could unleash other horrors. They offer magic items in exchange for the coins and a promise to leave the barriers alone. Sanna and Obregon choose to talk with the rest of the party before committing. Gonoan talks to the bartender to see what is going on in town. Nothing of interest comes up. We meet back up at the house and discuss our options. The next morning we split up. Gonoan goes to spread the word that we are seeking Rolph the bandit healer. Pike approaches the thieves guild about disposing of Moniqua’s gear. Beltin returns to the alchemist. Only one of the flasks has anything worth while, it is an alchemical acid (2d6 damage). Sanna and Obregon seek out the priests of WeeJas again. After all items are sold we each earn 1438 gp. The group returns to the priests of WeeJas to offer a map and the key. We agree to sell them for 1200 gp. The party then decides to pursue the rumor of the giant spider we heard a few days ago. As we approach the courthouse to investigate, we notice an unusually large amount of people going in and out as well as a number of people in the square looking and gawking. We begin to ask people what is going on and learn that there was a huge spider carcass which has recently been removed. As we are looking around we notice a young lady with a grey dress sobbing, who then runs off. Beltin, Sanna and Nat follow her. There is also a group of folks in blue cloaks not reacting but just watching the crowd. They turn and begin to slip away. Gonoan, Obregon and Pike follow after. Beltin and Sanna chase the girl into a narrow alley. She is heading to a door way when a black wispy form darts out and into her skin. A guard type steps out in front of us and tells us to mind our own business. Sanna immediately begins to cast a spell and Beltin intimidates him, saying that we just want to ensure the girl is ok so step aside. He steps back and looks up allowing us to notice 4 people on the roofs with crossbows and daggers. Beltin says “I wouldn’t” but they throw their daggers at Beltin but miss. The crossbowmen throw caltrops on the ground. Sanna casts an electrical storm that kills one and seriously injures the other 3. Beltin moves through the caltrops towards the girl. One of the guards above shoots Beltin with a crossbow quarrel and the other 2 flee. The guard on the ground grabs the girl and begins to move away. Sanna hits him with magic missiles and he falls. Beltin spits acid at the remaining guard and kills him. He then moves to the girl and picks her up. One of the fleeing guards returns and throws something at Beltin, shouting we warned you to leave it alone. It misses and he flees again. As we prepare to leave, a lady in mithral armor with a mace and holy symbol of St Cuthbert steps out and demands to know what we are doing with her daughter Tiira. We begin to try and explain when Tiira recovers enough to say “No, they saved me, they are heroes” And scene…


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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