grey hawk

July 22nd, 2013

Pike, Gonoan, and Obregon follow the blue cloaked people. Pike hears a bark of laughter as they go around a corner into an alley. Pike follows and they are not to be seen in the alley though there is an opening down a short ways. He approaches the corner and peeks around and they are still not to be seen. It opens onto a courtyard with multiple doorways off of it. As Pike pauses to reconnoiter, he hears the sounds of beings preparing weapons. Obregon and Gonoan approach him from behind. Pike calls out “Come out, come out, wherever you are” but gets no response. He steps into the opening and calls out “Parley and I better not get shot; by either of those crossbows”. Obregon and Gonoan arrange themselves to defend Pike if necessary. Pike continues to move forward and talk. He notices 2 figures hiding to either side of the opening and attempts to signal the others surreptitiously. The ladies put their crossbows down and step back. A new woman steps out in front of Pike and says “You’ve been following us a while now haven’t you? What is your business?” We ask about the giant spider and why they didn’t seem surprised. They claim to have just been watching as the spider had been found days ago and was not new news. Pike asks “What do you know about the spiders? And who are you anyway?” She invites us to step out of the alley and talk. We are told that there was a giant spider carcass with a note on it which read “They walk among us” Pike tells them his name and asks who they are. They claim to be travelers and caravan guards. We don’t believe their story and Gonoan tells them so while giving them the evil eye. “ So? You are done here so just go away. If you don’t go, you may be outnumbered. I am going to count to 3 and then we will be nice and just beat you senseless” Gonoan turns on his heel and walks away as she is talking. Meanwhile, in another part of the city. The woman with the St Cuthbert emblem asks Beltin, Sanna and Natuuru to come inside with the body and tell her the whole story. She is planning to get answers from the downed adversary. We find ourselves in an ordinary home with plain furnishings. She identifies herself as Mistress Ethtran. She is a follower of St Cuthbert and also a shapeshifter whose regular form is a giant spider. The spider carcass was one of them as well. She tells of their struggles versus Iuz and that they are lawful. They hail from the jungles to the south before being accepted by St Cuthbert and Pelor. They now battle against Iuz and his minions. They are in Greyhawk now as they have followed the battle here and where would be better to stir up mischief than the gem of human civilization. Apparently, Tiira was upset because the dead spider was her sister. There is then a knock at the door. It is the nightwatchmen who are asking about the trouble nearby. Ethtran answers their questions and allows them to help question the cultist. They appear to be aware of the shapeshifters. We learn that the cultist headquarters lies on the other side of the courthouse square. There is going to be a sacrifice 2 nights hence, outside the city, of a follower of Lydia and a wizard. They are considered to be 2 halves of a whole as they have an intimate relationship. Ethtran advises us to stay in touch with the church and the nighwatchmen while trying to get a feel for how the city feels about the shapeshifters. If we want to help, we could use the information obtained from the cultist prisoner to deal with the cultist base. We head towards home. When Pike, Obregon and Gonoan arrive home, they find a scroll on a table that just says “hey you” on it. It is not trapped and Obregon cannot find any tracks indicating someone had been here. Gonoan opens it and reads it aloud. He doesn’t understand it even though it is in common. Pike tries to make sense of it. It appears to be printed rather than hand-written. It is from Adriana, whom one of us met at World Serpent Inn. She is moving nearby and has been trying to locate this person. It appears she is seeking work in a whorehouse and she is coming to our world. To reply, put a note in the case and toss it up in the air and she will get it. After everyone has read it, no one claims it . Beltin writes back and tosses it in the air. It disappears before it hits the ceiling. Sanna believes it went through the astral plain based on how it vanished. We begin to plan how to hit the cultist base. First we are going to scope it out and try to learn what we are up against. There is a knock on the door and it is a messenger from the Night Watch. He tells us that the Night watch and shapeshifters are planning to cover the exits and prevent any cultists from escaping. We agree and decide to breach after first light. Tiira wants to lead us to the base and meets us in the morning. On our way, Tiira sees some of her folk trying to move a spider body but are being harassed by townspeople. Pike begins to speak with the crowd and some of them begin to advance on him. Beltin bluffs the crowd in to believing that the corpse is dangerous and they should back off. However, the people advancing on Pike continue moving. We prepare to stop them with non-lethal means when screams erupt throughout the square. There are several giant spiders moving in on the crowd. Beltin asks Tiira if these are her sisters and she replies no, they are hunting spiders and shouldn’t even be around here. Beltin and Obregon take one down, Sanna the second and Gonoan charges and kill the third. As the watch approaches and begins to investigate, Tiira urges us to move towards the cultist base as they are likely responsible and the others will be waiting. Sanna casts Protection from arrows on everyone but Gonoan. We move into position with Obregon on the adjacent roof while Beltin and Sanna approach the lookout pretending to be amorous. When they reach the stairs to the veranda where the lookout is, Beltin spider climbs the wall and spits acid at him. He attempts to shoot Beltin, and then hits him with his short sword. Sanna hits him with her persistent dagger and he drops. We find Caltrops, mithral chain1100g, short sword10g, lt crossbow20g, 19 bolts2g, and combat gear on the body. We move to the door and Natuuru casts Bless while Pike drinks a protection from evil potion. Gonoan and Beltin hit the door with the battering ram and it shatters inward…fade to black.


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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