grey hawk

January 29th, 2014

Beltin and Gonoan suffer some more effects from the dragon’s acid vapors, growing weaker. Hishka cures a little bit for Gonoan and heals Beltin of some of his wounds. She then heads off to try and protect her people’s eggs. She calls for other lizards to come with her. Pike decides he is going to help and chases after her. Obregon, Sanna and Nat go along as well. Beltin and Gonoan stay behind as they don’t feel up to another battle. Hishka casts water breathing on Pike to help him swim across an underwater area. She also warns them not to go into areas without her as there are traps along the way that she will need to undo. She will not be surprised if her people flee the dragons fear aura if Illthain appears. Everyone makes it through the water and comes out in a tunnel, 15’ wide. It opens up into a chamber with a small stone barricade coming partway into the room. The back half of the chamber is covered with eggs and guarded by 8 kobolds. There is also a Halfling size black egg and 3 chests near the back. In the north corner, is another chest. Hishka moves forward and attempts to bargain for the eggs. The kobolds threaten to turn us into porcupines if we keep going. Hishka keeps talking, attempting to win them over. Pike begins moving around the outer edge of the wall, sneaking all the way. Sanna moves up to the front by Hishka. All of a sudden, the kobolds spot Pike and several of them turn and shoot at him. Obregon takes one down and the kobolds all miss. Sanna casts light on her short spear while Natauru tries to keep everyone from killing the kobolds “They are just doing what kobolds do”. They demand that Pike returns to the group or they will shoot him. He moves back a bit. Nat moves up to the front and tries to reason with the other kobolds. Sanna asks Nat if he would allow her to cast stink cloud to drive them away. The kobolds yell “stop talking” and Nat reluctantly gives Sanna the go ahead and she casts the spell. The kobolds begin retching and hurling. Nat moves around the barricade yelling at them to run away. Pike moves toward the black egg. They do begin to leave, calling for Illthain. Everyone gathers eggs and the lizard folk, except Hishka, move back towards their lair with them. After the kobolds have gone, Pike moves to the chests while Sanna goes to stand over the dragon egg. Sanna notices a waterproof chest in the water nearby. Pike opens the first chest and finds provisions, likely for the kobolds. The second contains more provisions like the first as does the third. Obregon realizes he should watch the water on the far side of the chamber for signs of the dragon approaching. Pike checks the chest in the water and finds thousands of coins, 6 dark glass vials(Mbulls strengthx2,cure seriousx2,invisibility, haste), and a ring(M,minor spell storing). He takes the ring and vials and then off to the last chest. It is unlocked and has 4 dark glass vials(M,cure light wounds) within its shadowy interior. He takes those and returns to the submerged chest and gathers up 21 platinum, and 200 gold. Obregon and Sanna both grab a couple hundred gold pieces each. The lizard folk return and begin gathering more eggs. Nat emerges from the water and says that Illthain is on the other side of the waterway and not moving towards us. She is congratulating the kobolds on a job well done which makes him believe this is a trap. We begin moving away with whatever we can carry. The lizards are taking the eggs while Sanna and Obregon take the dragon egg(M,necromancy). Obregon, Sanna, Nat and Pike return to where Beltin and Gonoan are waiting. All of the subsequent adventures are related. We decide to wait a bit. After the lizard folk make a couple of trips, they fail to return. Natuaru goes back to check and see what happened to them. He returns 45 minutes later after seeing only acid everywhere but no sign of the lizard folks. The remaining lizards have hidden the eggs that were brought back and are now preparing to flee. We decide to hunker down and spend the night. Natauru treats Beltin and Gonoan, helping them regain a little bit of their strength. The next morning, Nat prays for lesser restoration spells and heals some more of the strength damage taken by Gonoan and Beltin. We leave and head back towards Blackwall Keep. It is the 21st of Harvester and the weather is warm and slightly drizzly. We notice an area covered in webs and 4 man sized spiders come after us. Gonoan charges one and kills it, Obregon kills 2 others and Sanna finishes the last one. When we stop, we begin discussing what to do with the dragon egg. Pike wants to leave it as obviously it is not Illthain’s and she wanted us to have it. Sanna wants to take it and try to determine whose it is and then make them an ally against Illthain. Beltin suggests burying it so we know where it is but don’t have to take it into the keep. We decide to bury the dragon egg where Obregon can find it again. We make it the rest of the way back without any other encounters of signifigance. Fade out…


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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