grey hawk

January 21st, 2013

The bird creature listens to Bronwin and moves around the group. Gonoan gets in a good hit as it moves. It emits a black cloud which hurts and causes Gonoan, Beltin, Sanna, and Narturo to go insane. Beltin and Gonoan attempt to flee, Sanna babbles incoherently and N attacks the bird. The Bird takes down Sanna and attacks Gonoan. Bronwin attempts to fascinate Pike and Obregon but fails. Pike hits her a couple of times and she tries to hit him with a lightning bolt but he evades it completely. Everyones insanity changes each round. Gonoan attacks the bird one round and Beltin attacks Gonoan. When the bird hit Gonoan, the acid aura damage kills it. Obregon puts an arrow in Bronwin’s eye and kills her. Pike searches Bronwin and finds bracers, a ring, a locket, spell component pouch, and dagger. Obregon heals Sanna. We continue to act crazy while Pike and Obregon attempt to get out of the way. Beltin manages to beat down the rest of the insane party members(against his will) while Obregon and Pike try to go for help. Beltin achieves clarity for a moment and turns on his healing aura. This stabilizes the rest of the party. Pike enlists some gladiators to help subdue the insane party members while Obregon sends for a cleric. When Pike and Obregon return with the gladiators they find Gonoan stable and tie him up. They find Beltin babbling on the stairs and subdue him. Meanwhile, Pike hears a noise in the living room. A gargoyle appears in the door to the kitchen and grabs at Gonoan. Pike yells for help. Obregon hits it a couple of times and the gladiators grapple it. It breaks the grapple and flees with Gonoan. They chase it up the stairs where they encounter a figure that looks a lot like Bronwin. Obregon shoots it twice and determines it is just a puppet. They continue after the gargoyle and find it stripping Gonoan of his gear. Fade to black.


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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