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January 1st, 2014

The next morning, as we prepare to leave after a good breakfast, we notice Valkus Dun of Hieroneous has joined our party with 20 of his warriors . He introduces Jieran Wierus, the Cuthbertine prophet who will also accompany us. Jieran stops some flagellants who are following him and assures them he will share with them upon his return but for now must leave on important business. Bronwin and Adriana show up and give greetings to all. Valkus is barely able to keep a smile when looking at her but is civil. She asks to speak with us privately and he moves away. She says, “I have a couple of things for you but not much. Here are a couple of potions of resist energy, acid. I have sold a few of them in town and if you need more in the future let me know.” She also gives us a scroll of teleport and a ring of spell storing with 3 mage armors on it. Pike is listening to Valkus and Jieran talk and they are sizing up the figures on the hill (Bronwin’s cronies) and thinks something is strange. They don’t know why Balabar Smenk is interested in them. Adriana approaches Sanna and tells her to take care of herself as her love is the one who wore Sanna’s body. She is worried about her and is afraid without Sanna’s body she won’t be able to make contact again. Sanna tells the others about 50% of the story concerning Bronwin. We head out, with the guards formed up around the party. On the journey, a giant constrictor snake attacks but is dispatched easily by Valkus. He then cuts it up and has it transported to the keep as an additional meat source. We arrive at the keep on the 14th of Harvester during Loggers Fest. The towns we passed along the way were extra full of people in to celebrate. The keep has been repaired and the guards are doing their regular watches. They do not appear to be expecting us but cheer when they see us. We prepare to enter but Nat doesn’t want to go in. He has somehow been maintaining his gnome disguise the whole trip. Sanna stays out with him. Inside, we begin discussing the particulars. Marzina is present as well and is fully healed. We decide the old battlefield between here and the swamp would be a neutral location to meet with the lizard folk. We discuss matching number of warriors between humans and lizards and that we will be the go betweens. They are to expect us to return within 5 days and we will send word when we are arriving. We head out the next morning with Obregon leading us. That day, we see 5 ghouls approaching from the southwest and making a beeline for us. Sanna says she is sitting this one out to save her magic and to allow the rest of us to gain more experience. Obregon kills one while Beltin and Gonoan move up. Nat moves up a bit and attempts to turn them when they move forward. He succeeds in destroying the remaining 4. We find a dry spot to spend the night. During the dog watch, Sanna hears a couple of large creatures moving through the swamp in our directon. She quickly awakens the rest of the group. Obregon resists waking up due to an obviously arousing dream. We can hear the somethings moving toward us. Sanna kicks Obregon awake. Gonoan moves toward the noise. The rest of the party moves up to stand with him. All of a sudden, 2 huge crocodiles appear out of the mist. One attacks Gonoan and bites him badly. Gonoan does manage to hit it back and prevent it from swallowing him. Beltin spits acid at the one next to him. Sanna casts a storm on the one attacking Gonoan and it does a good bit of damage. Natauru casts bless on the group. Gonoan rages and attacks, killing his foe. Obregon shoots a couple of arrows at the one next to Beltin but misses. Pike hits it with a crossbow bolt. The remaining one attempts to bite Beltin and misses but hits him with its tail. Beltin hits it with acid breath again. Sanna moves up and casts sound lance at it doing a good bit of damage. Finally, Gonoan steps up and cuts it up. Gonoan takes a tooth and Pike makes himself a necklace of teeth. The next morning, we head out and arrive at the lizard folk habitat around late morning. We see the 2 sentries, one of whom runs inside while the other backs towards the entrance. Shortly thereafter, Hishka comes out with some of the other females and greets us in a friendly manner. We are invited inside. We sit with her in a fairly good size antechamber and are served water we are assured has been cleansed. We relate to her what we have arranged. Hishka tells us that Illthain is back in her lair and has Kushack guarding her. She is afraid to try and leave with any of her people because the dragon will attack them. Hishka is willing to try and go with us. We guarantee her safety there and back. She suggests leaving quickly before the dragon learns of our presence. The dragon has possession of the clan’s eggs. We decide to go and she quickly gathers her belongings including Marzina’s possessions. She also brings some potion bottles from Illthain that she is going to destroy on the way. We head to our campsite from the night before. Along the way, we run into 5 more ghouls and a ghast. Obregon takes out the ghast with arrows and Sanna hits the rest with an electric ball that destroys them. We spend the night uneventfully. The next morning we head back to the meeting spot. On the way, we see what appears to be a black dragon fly over us. It doesn’t appear to notice us. We kill some normal crocodiles as we go. We get to the meet spot and decide with Hishka’s blessing to go on to the Keep. We arrive at the keep and they report sighting the dragon as well. We all meet Stintrim, Valkus and Jieran to complete the paperwork. Marzina captures the moment in art. Our group is asked to sign it as well. Marzina is surprised and pleased to receive her gear back. She has fond memories of the help Hishka gave her while she was captured. Stimtrin is prepared to leave for Diamond Lake immediately after the signing is complete and Marzina chooses to accompany him to confer with Allistan. We escort Hishka back the next morning. As we travel, we see a group of lizard folk not of the Twisted Branch tribe. They look hostile but do not move to attack so we pass them by. Hishka verifies that they are hostile to outsiders and jealous of the Twisted Branch’s protection from Illthain. We camp uneventfully and make the lizard habitat around late morning. Pike and Gonoan spot Illthain hiding around the other side of the habitat. We begin preparing resist energy spells. Nat says we should find cover to hamper the dragons flight. We move towards the hillock and the dragon takes flight. We prepare to do battle and Illthain shoots acid behind us but doesn’t hit us. She says “The great-great-great-great grand welp of Axonfiliacasta has finally arrived. Welcome.” Sanna readies her lightning ball and Obregon casts Hunter’s Mercy. Nat casts bless. Hishka cries, follow me and leads the way into the habitat. How will this play out?


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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