grey hawk

January 15th, 2014

Pike moves into the entrance. Beltin tosses a potion to Gonoan and yells at him to drink it. He drinks it and grows to large size. The dragon’s presence causes Obregon and Hishka to pause and be afraid. Illthain lands across from the entrance to the lair. Sanna casts sleet storm at the dragon, blocking it’s view. Obregon attempts to shoot it but misses. Hishka ducks inside. Pike retreats further inside into an alcove containing some crude weapons and ceremonial items. Beltin drinks a potion and becomes large as well. The dragon flies out of the storm; Beltin and Gonoan both attempt to hit as it passes but fail. She lands on top of the lair. Sanna attempts to hit it with soundlance but Illthain resists it. Pike moves further in to another room. It smells and is covered with bird crap; there are 3 harpies staring him down. Beltin and Gonoan try to hit it, missing once again. Illthain says ”Axon’s welp, I want you to live and return to tell of my might.” Then she breathes acid on Gonoan doing a little bit of damage but the fumes do weaken him. Sanna tries to hit her with another soundlance but it fizzles again. Hishka runs further in but the opposite direction that Pike took. The harpies attempt to charm Pike but he shakes it off. Beltin actually gets a hit on the dragon for a little bit of damage. Then Gonoan gets a hit in as well. The dragon moves back and casts mage armor on itself. Sanna attempts a lightning ball which doesn’t get through. Obregon moves outside and tries to shoot Illthain but misses. The harpies move down the hall in the same direction as Pike. Hishka yells back at the harpies to return to their lair as we are allowed to be here. Pike asks the harpies to show him their secret exit. One offers to fly him out and he accepts. She leaves him just below the roof. Beltin and Gonoan drink bull’s strength potions. Illthain wonders aloud about what we drank and flies away. Sanna asks Beltin what happened and he tells her that he thinks we scared her away. Pike climbs on to the roof and sees that Illthain is circling around. Beltin climbs on top of the lair and gives Gonoan a lesser restoration potion, who drinks it. Illthain flies back around from the side. Sanna’s next spell fails to penetrate her spell resistance. Obregon manages to hit her with an arrow but it doesn’t get through her scales. Hishka moves closer and offers to help if we are managing to damage the dragon. Beltin approaches and tries to hit her but fails although Gonoan charges and smacks it hard. She flies around in a circle, avoiding extra swings by Beltin and Gonoan. She lands looking at the tunnel mouth. Sanna still can’t break through her resistances but retreats back into the lair out of the dragon’s line of sight. Obregon hits it with an arrow but not very deeply. He retreats further in as well. Illthain spits acid at Beltin and Gonoan hurting them both as well as weakening them. She is surprised that it hurts Beltin, she doesn’t want to hurt him. She wants him to survive long enough to return to tell Axon about what happened here. Sanna strikes out again and Nat tells him that Beltin and Gonoan won’t survive many more of those acid blasts. Obregon hits him with another arrow causing a little bit of pain. Hishka asks if we need her help and that the dragon is just toying with us. Illthain responds by saying that she doesn’t want to hurt the lizard eggs but if Hishka is helping us, she is working against her. Beltin charges and hits her. Gonoan charges but misses. Illthain goes full round on Gonoan and hits with everything but her bite. He falls. She moves right up to Beltin and says, it’s down to you now. Sanna tells Nat to go help Gonoan and misfires another spell. Obregon misses with another couple of arrows. Hishka confronts Illthain and demands that she not do this. Ilthain responds that a couple of weeks ago you would have fed them to the harpies. Hishka says “they are worth it, they are different. At least let me heal him, he is dying”. Pike shoots a crossbow bolt at the dragon but misses. Beltin touches Gonoan and heals him. This angers Illthain who tail slaps him. Gonoan crawls away and Illthain flies off. We pause to lick our wounds. What will our intrepid heroes do now?


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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