grey hawk

Fruitless questions

March 7th, 2017

A mournful wail comes from this chamber as though through rents in the earth. We begin moving in the room; Beltin and Gonoan move on to the platform and look over the edge but see nothing but the pit. Obregon walks the walkway, tracking and sees other human footprints, some of which belong to Heward and Quaal. Sanna looks over the edge of the walkway but sees nothing of interest. Beltin spider climbs over the edge of the platform and though there is no support the workmanship is sound. Sanna casts detect magic again and can tell that from the platform one could cast Contact Higher Plane. Pike attempts to use the built in spell and spends a little while concentrating. Beltin climbs down the pit wall for quite a ways but finds no bottom or anything of interest. Brunj offers to help Pike and gives him advice on using the spell properly. Pike attempts to reach one of the Halfling gods but reaches someone else instead. Beltin continues to climb down until a god like being moves up the shaft. The being is here but the features are fairly abstract and it asks Pike if he has a question. Pike kneels in supplication and says with the greatest respect of your magnificence, where is the orb of opposition? The being responds that it doesn’t know and Pike manages to resist the wind that whips through his mind trying to blow him out like a candle. Sanna attempts to use the spell and a different, air type, elemental appears. Sanna asks if the orb of opposition is located in the ruins of greyhawk. Yes is the reply. Is it located in this tower? No. Which tower is it in? War. How many feet below ground is it? I don’t know. Is it above or below our current position? Its irrelevant. Have we been in the same location as the orb? Yes. Now, confused as ever, we decide to head back up the stairs to work on freeing Shinda. We arrive upstairs and find Vexia awaiting us. “You’ve been gone for a while and I was worried you wouldn’t return. What was beyond the stairs?” We tell her there was a lot of magic and things. We decide to go to the barren stone room and Sanna casts dispel magic in it. Nothing happens. So she walks in to the room and this room appears to be long and empty though very shiny. Sanna looks around but sees nothing of interest. We hatch a plan to dispel the magic in the rainbow room. To limit our exposure to the fascinating effects of the rainbow room, everyone but Beltin, Gonoan, Sanna and Pike are going to shield their gaze completely. Pike will be blindfolded and have his ears blocked with a rope around his waist, in case that isn’t enough, so he can open the door without being forced inside. Sanna will cast dispel magic in the room while looking at the floor. Gonoan will anchor the rope around Pike and, along with Beltin, keep an eye on Sanna in case she becomes fascinated. The plan works flawlessly but the dispel doesn’t seem to work. Sanna casts dispel magic a second time which also does nothing. Pike feels around the door, attempting to find a trap trigger but finds nothing. We signal him and he closes the door. He removes his blindfold and begins to search the room carefully. There is a secret door in the east wall which Pike struggles with but is finally able to open. Behind it is a shelf lined room filled with books, scrolls, tomes and other media upon which knowledge can be conveyed. a simple wooden chair next to a plain oak table complete the furnishings. There is a stack of books on the table with a glowing ball of light suspended above them. Pike steps in and looks at the books on the table. They all focus on the creation of life, according to their titles. Obregon attempts a tracking and learns that a female mage has been in here in the last couple of weeks. We search the room but find nothing else. Sanna casts detect magic and finds there are 4 magical books. The shelves are 3 rows deep with books including some of Zagigs personal spell books as well as maps and many other types of tomes and ledgers. Pike and Obregon each collect 2 of the magical tomes. Pike believes one of his books is a manual of gainful exercise +1 (27,500gp), which Sanna confirms. She identifies the other three as a Stone golem manual(22,000gp), book of infinite spells with 4 pages remaining, manual of leadership and influence +2(55,000gp). We put all of the books from this room in our portable hole. Now what? 39,710.2gp


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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