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Follow the shards!

July 14th, 2017

Beltin manages to push through the barrier and up to the dais. He swings at the queen and though it felt like he hit, nothing happens. Obregon moves up and casts a spell, causing a number of stars to appear floating around his head. Gonoan tries to push through but just can’t seem to move forward. Sanna attempts to use the dispel magic wand against the barrier but it doesn’t work. The queen begins waving her flower wand and a flame strike falls on Gonoan and Beltin. Pike turns invisible. Elaine pulls out the magic missile wand. Brunj moves up and pushes through the barrier without difficulty. Beltin sprays the dais with acid but doesn’t seem to hit anything. Obregon readies to shoot while Gonoan moves up and is surprised as he doesn’t hit any resistance this time. Pike feels the key tug up and to the right. Sanna casts dispel magic in to that corner but nothing happens. The queen calls down flame on us again to which Beltin shouts “Dispel the queen, sanna”. The key begins pulling as if whatever its following is now moving. Beltin bolts to the front doors and stands guard, and Obregon and Gonoan follow. Sanna manages to dispel the queen and poses like a super hero. She tries to detect secret doors but nothing shows despite expecting to. Her and Pike begin looking behind things on the wall until they find a door behind the thrones. Pike opens it and we see a robing chamber with another throne, which is empty, with another door behind it. We open that on to an empty room with double doors and a single door leading out. Obregon begins tracking and can tell a woman has gone through here and through the single door. This opens on to a hallway with multiple doors and a stair leading into a tower. The tracks continue up the stairs so we go on. As we move, guard tracks begin to appear as well. Up a level we come upon a storage/attic area. The key is now pointing fairly level as if we are now on the same level as whatever it is tracking. The queen’s tracks lead further back in this area and may now be hiding. Elaine casts detect magic around the room and it appears she is behind some clothing racks and luggage. Obregon calls out for her to come out but she does not. Beltin steps up to her and orders her out and that she won’t be harmed if she does. She warns that if we harm her, it will go badly for us and comes out. She and Beltin talk about why she attacked us, though she ignores anyone else who tries to chime in. Beltin begins to tell her about Iggwilv and such but she says we need to be in the audience chamber if she is going to hear a story. We follow her down to her audience chamber and Beltin tells her about the company of 7 and Iggwilv and the demons and shards. She says that Lyndurm came to the palace seeking protection and she thought she recognized him but not quite and that she locked the other doors in the palace to keep him from wandering. We introduce each other and she says she is the queen of coreland. She says Lyndurm is under her protection and we can ask him for the shard but as long as he is in the castle we cannot take any action against him. She doesn’t know exactly where he is right now. She tells us we can look for him but not to harm him. She summons a maid to lead us to his chamber but we decide to follow the key instead. It leads us through a few hallways in to a largish room with a few columns and another door to the left. The key is pointing toward one corner. Gonoan runs over and stands in front of the other door. Someone speaks from behind a column saying none of the rest of you better enter, or I’ll start shootin. Sanna tells him we really outnumber him and he asks what we want. We tell him the shard and he says we can’t have it. Beltin moves up on the other side of the column and Sanna moves in to the room as well. Beltin steps up and tells him to give us the shard and he will not be harmed. Pike turns invisible and moves in as well. Gonoan charges him and grapples him, calling to the rest of us to come take the shard from him. Lyndurm attmempts to cast a spell but is interrupted and killed by a cold lightning bolt, acid breath and 5 arrows. We then loot the body and find a fist sized black stone (which the key is pointing to), a dagger, an odd looking crossbow, strangely shaped bullets (28), spoon, headband, gloves, and statuette. We put the body in the portable hole and exit the castle. We head back to the path we came in on. It seems the path has changed and has become maze-like. Obregon stops a leopard with square spots and asks for the exit but is told it is somewhere near the castle and if we follow the paths we will get home. “All paths lead home eventually”. We keep walking and the path leads in to a dark area. The trees down this way become more organized and wall like, with our original clothes and gear lying on the ground ahead of us. Our dolls gear vanishes as we return to normal size and find the new items we picked up are with our stuff. We come back out in to the octagonal room and head to the double doors that lead to the beach. We move down the beach to the outrigger boats and attempt to fit the whole party between the two but we are too crowded. We decide to send Gonoan out with a rope about 50’ when he suddenly fades from view including the rope we were holding. Shortly thereafter, the boat reappears, so Pike, Sanna Elaine and Brunj take the 2 boats out, suddenly find themselves on a vast ocean and spot Gonoan nearby. Beltin and Obregon take a boat when they reappear and join up. There is an island in the distance and Zagigs key starts pointing towards it. This mountain has belching volcanoes, thick jungle covering the mountain slopes and steep cliffs which climb directly from the sea. As we get closer we begin to notice strange forms in the water around and below us. Then there is a fog around us and when it clears we are much closer to the island than we were. This happens again and we are closer again, now near some reefs. Once again the fog billows around us and now we are amongst the rocky reefs and near a rocky beach at the base of the cliffs. There is a hole in the cliff wall with a stream coming out of it down the beach. Unable to control the boats, Gonoan jumps in and swim to shore with a little difficulty. The rest of us crash on the rocks and end up in the water. Gonoan helps Sanna and Elaine and the rest of us make the shoreline by aiding one another but our boats are history. Nearby is a cantankerous dire ape tearing chunks from a large water creature. The stream is coming from a 20’ high cave directly behind it. The ape pauses, sniffs, beats its chest and roars a challenge. Beltin spits acid at it while Sanna tosses an orb of electricity. Obregon turns it in to a pin cushion but somehow it still lives. Brunj hits it with an arrow while it moves towards Beltin, swinging its dinosaur jawbone club. It misses as Beltin rolls under his attack. Elaine hits it with magic missiles while Gonoan charges it. He accepts a hit from the bone club which causes him to miss. Beltin hits him twice with his morning star as Sanna fells him with a scorching ray. We head through the tunnel in the cliff which begins to climb upwards. Other tunnels open up along the way as we move but we continue to follow the key. We hear strange creature noises throughout this area though we have not encountered anything. The tunnel finally opens on to the base of a jagged mountain slope. Directly below us is a circular savannah several miles across. The rest of the isle is a dense jungle with a dark lake in the middle. We continue where the key is leading. We walk quite a ways and begin to see the top of a pyramid. We seem to be heading there and come upon a glittering low pyramidal structure. A flight of stairs runs up the side to its flat top with a pool of clear water on top. This is a strange purple metal similar to the octych with runes covering its surface. There is a line of runes in draconic along the side of the pool which says “ye, who have fought the dormant king enter my knowledge Zagyg”. As we approach the pyramid, the pool begins to churn and a huge lizard creature with razor sharp teeth comes bursting from the water. Beltin spits acid at it while pike runs up the stairs to the pool. Sanna casts disintegrate but it fizzles as it hits. Gonoan readies himself as Obregon shoots at it, hitting 5 times. The tyrannosaurus rex bites Pike and Brunj goes running to try and help. Beltin moves up on to the stairs as Pike jumps in to the pool and disappears. Sanna tosses another spell that again fizzles as it arrives. Gonoan moves to the top of the stairs and the creature steps forward and bites him. Brunj shoots it with an arrow as Beltin teleports next to the monster and hits it twice. Pike finds himself floating in a vast nothingness with small fast moving orbs of light, large slow moving orbs of light and clouds of sparkling mist swirling around both near and far. The key is now dormant and he attempts to touch a point of light but fails even though it seemed the light attempted to touch him as well. Sanna targets the T-rex with dispel magic but it doesn’t seem to affect it. She then races up the stairs and jumps in the pool, while accepting a hit from the monster. Gonoan steps up and begins whaling on it, slicing its abdomen open 4 times and it collapses in to the water as its innards spill out, disappearing. The rest of us jump in to the pool and are falling through space in the vast nothingness. We can see each other but can’t see the others who preceded us. Pike continues to float and attempt to touch one of the spheres. Obregon notices a sphere moving really fast and then slowing and then coming right at him but it misses. A sphere comes at Sanna, hitting and her brain feels a little sluggish and it fills her with an overwhelming sensation of despair. The same happens to Gonoan and he is filled with mirth. Another attempts to hit Beltin but misses. Sanna thinks herself to a large slow moving sphere and touches it, and is sucked inside. She tries to understand the idea contained therein but is unsuccessful and she is expelled back in to space. Beltin thinks himself to a cloud and as he touches it he feels a sense of carelessness but from a distance. Obregon enters the cloud and feels a distant sense of curiousity. Sanna can tell we are in another plane and that the spheres and clouds are not sentient but must be controlled to try and hit us. She also knows that the larger orbs have information but it’s not clear what the small ones do. A small orb attacks Pike and Gonoan again. They are both filled with an insatiable curiousity. Pike attempts to thinks himself to Greyhawk but is unsuccessful. The key begins to indicate a certain direction which he follows and approaches Sanna and the shard she is carrying. Pike wants to touch the key to the shard which immediately absorbs it.It becomes one with the shard becoming an odd shape on the side of it and the whole key shrinks a little. How in the heavens do we get out of here?


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