grey hawk

February 4th, 2013

The gargoyle attacks the gladiators, downing one and injuring another. Obregon hits it with an arrow, the gladiators flee, and Pike heads toward one of the 2 doors in this room. The gargoyle drags Gonoan onto the next set of stairs. Obregon hits it again and Pike listens at the door; hearing nothing. The gargoyle drops Gonoan and charges Obregon goring him with its horns. Obregon shoots it again and it crumbles. Pike finds no traps on the door. Obregon stabilizes the downed gladiator. He and Pike notice noise outside and looking out, see a cleric, the gladiators and a number of adventurers. Obregon heads downstairs and tells them what happened. Gonoan and the downed gladiator are brought down. The cleric said that she could not cure the insanity but that it would wear off in a couple of hours. Pike and Obregon decide to take some adventurers with them and retrieve the rest of the group. When the door to the basement was opened, there was a thick acrid smoke. Once that cleared, it was found that everyone down there was missing including Bronwyn’s body. We found a trap door that led to the sewers but no tracks indicating where they had gone. We then searched the tower and found a trapped chest with a note in it from Bronwyn mocking us and saying she had left. Treasure-12 gp, 220sp,557cp, ruby ring(500gpS)(has a magical pill in it, Heal1000gp?), short sword(2010gp),12 bottles(toiletries 2650gpS). We took some adventurers into the sewers with us, where we found some tracks. As we were searching, we were attacked by a gelatinous cube. The cube killed one of the adventurers before being slain by Obregon and Pike. Treasure-2 ceramic flasks(unbreakable, cursed), hematite gem(8gpS), 115sp, 26gp. Meanwhile, Gonoan regained his sanity and headed into the sewers to catch up. (28gp,335sp,557cp)738g,67s,112c


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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