grey hawk

February 26th, 2014

As we move around town selling goods and buying new stuff, there are notices announcing a 6000 gp bounty on Laurus Racknian’s head. We also hear that in order to eliminate any remaining wights in the sewers, the city has added additional gelatinous cubes to patrol down there. Pike pokes around and finds that nothing is working as normal in town due to 3000 people being dead. The city staff is spread thin, basic services are slowed and looting is rampant. He has trouble locating his thieves’ guild contacts and tries to make contact through the beggar’s guild. Adventurers are running around looking for Racknian, a lot of them heading into the Greyhawk ruins. Pike heads into the thieves guild building in an attempt to check in since he can’t find his contacts. They are not very interested and let him know that Ratic is out of town. He leaves a message and goes on. Sanna goes to the wizards guild library to research the dragon egg. She learns that it is a black dragon egg but does not find out any more information. Beltin learns from his lady friend that business has been slow due to a lack of people coming in to town. The merchant and middle classes were hurt harder by the events in the arena. Sanna hears some information about the arena, that the worm was under the black dome below the grounds with some forgotten access points. None of Racknians guards or workers knew about his plans. Also, Zagyg apparently built some of that area with things that are for the future as if he knew some things that would happen later. We head out of town, through the main gate then past the refugee camps. We cross Zagyg’s bridge and down the trail, through the woods to the ruins we ago. We toss some coins to the beggars around the bridge. We arrive at the ruins and notice there is nothing going on at Zagig’s tower, there is a rumor that some magical force is preventing anyone from accessing the tower of magic. Sanna decides to head over to the tower of magic to inspect this “barrier”. Nat and Obregon accompany her. Obregon sees kobold tracks and notices evidence of kobolds around the base of the tower of magic. Sanna and Nat approach with open arms raised “we come in peace, just wanted to inspect the towers barrier” They appear to be neutral at the sight of Nat. They claim to have taken over the tower, the elves who had been here were destroyed by a demon. Now there are fanatic Zagyg followers inhabiting the tower. The party is reunited and heads to the war tower. Grebuld the dwarf greets us and Stygar comes out to say hello. They are pleased to see us return and notice that we have gained much since our last visit. After we enter the main hall, the wagon pulled by the skeletal horses and driven by a howling specter begins to move toward us. There are also 2 sword wraiths on skeletal horses on both sides of the room. Gonoan moves up a little bit and prepares to receive a charge, Sanna moves to the side with Nat, Pike readies an attack in case they attack us, Obregon does the same, Beltin moves up next to Gonoan and activates his acid aura. The wagon charges Gonoan and Beltin. Sanna and Obregon kill the first horse. Gonoan accepts the hit and hits back. Beltin dodges and takes a glancing blow. The second horse disintegrates after dealing with Beltin’s acid aura. Now the sword wraiths dismount and move adjacent to Gonoan and Beltin. Gonoan takes a chunk out of one while Sanna hits them both with a lightning bolt, destroying one of them. The driver leaves the wagon and flies at Sanna attacking her but missing. Natauru manages to turn the driver, Pike hits the sword wraith and Obregon finishes it off. He then hits the spectral driver with 2 arrows. Beltin attempts to hit it with acid but fails to penetrate its incorporealness. Gonoan charges it and misses as well. Sanna swings at it with shocking grasp to no avail. It flees through the wall. We find this encounter to be disconcerting as we have been through this room many times without issue and never before have the sword wraiths attacked without provocation. Sanna loots the sword wraiths and finds breastplates, long swords, heavy steel shields, torcs(200gp) and heavy crossbows with bolts. We begin moving through the tower towards the former lair of Gouger. What other surprises lay in our path?


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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