grey hawk

February 18th, 2013

We choose to start at the trapezoidal room. We enter and begin searching. We don’t find anything. Gonoan senses that we are about 30’ underground. Sanna returns to the center room and checks the pool for any clues but finds nothing. Pike searches the great eye and finds a secret door. It leads to a small room with 2 doors. Beltin enters. Pike checks the doors while others search the room. Pike unlocks the doors and notices a weird smell at the right hand door. Obregon opens the left hand door. There are several crates of burial linens, shelves with broken pots and violet stains on most everything. Beltin opens the other door as Gonoan closes the first. There are deteriorated barrels on both walls and the floor is covered in the violet stain. Beltin steps in and almost falls through the floor as it is almost like Styrofoam. Gonoan steps into the other room and the floor surges upwards. We decide to abandon these rooms and head to the hexagonal room. We notice the humanoid shape in the floor is surrounded by circular symbols which represent the schools of magic. Sanna believes the symbols indicate a trap trigger. Beltin spider climbs around the circumference of the room. When he gets half way around, the head in the floor coughs twice and 2 shadowy creatures appear. They begin beating Beltin and draining his constitution. Natauru and Sanna each get hit as well. Gonoan gets in several good hits with some other hits by the rest of the group destroy them before they can do any more damage. Beltin moves out of the room and Pike moves towards the other door. As he does, the face coughs out 2 more wraiths. The team takes them out quickly but not before Pike takes some constitution damage. Obregon opens the door and finds a room with a table, chairs and cupboard. Pike finds a secret door in the hexagonal wall. When opened it reveals a 20’ hall with a door at the end. There is a storage room off the dining room with 20 gp in it. We head down the secret hallway. It ends in a round bedroom. We find nothing of interest. What do we do next???


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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