grey hawk

December 4th 2013

Pike moves to the wall and jumps to the arena floor and begins to move towards the exit. Sanna casts sleet storm to cover Pike’s escape. The rest of us begin to move away. We hear Racknian telling his guards “don’t pursue or take offensive actions, we can find him. Find out who the spellcaster in that group is, they will be arrested”. Pike continues to run and we head out. We manage to escape the arena without difficulty. Pike moves to the thieves guild safe house in a roundabout manner. The rest of the group take a circuitous route home. Pike finds Ratic at the house with a few others and Pike tells him about our fears concerning Racknian trying to kill Auric and Kellek. Ratic asks if Pike is being chased and Pike says yes, by Racknian’s people. Ratic sends the rest off and takes Pike down into a cellar and into the sewers. They pause under a man hole, throw up a rope and have Pike climb up after making sure it’s clear. They come out still in the River Quarter but in a different part. Then Pike is told to go on his own. Pike joins us at the house. We hunker down for the night and keep watch for anyone coming after Pike or Sanna. We decide to abandon the search for the monster. The next evening, a man comes to the door and leaves a note for Sanna. It says that she used magic and they want to know what happened. No one is pressing charges and there is no contact information in the note. A couple of days later, Eritae summons us for a meeting. Beltin, Obregon and Pike go in for the meeting while Gonoan and Sanna wait in the courtyard. Eritae is impressed with our heroics at Blackwall Keep and relieved that it was not obviously connected with Greyhawk ruins. She is intending to go with us to the keep, accompanied by a dwarven merchant who is a member of the oligarchy as well. They are also bringing some guards and under priests. They will be representing Greyhawk in creating a treaty with the lizard folk. We will leave in a few days. The next morning, Sanna goes to check in with the mage’s guild. Fills them in on where we are going and shows them the note she received. They say it wasn’t from them. Beltin and Obregon go to the cartographers guild in search of a map of Eeyor. We purchase 2 maps, one of the general area and one of landmarks around Eeyor. We gather back at home for lunch. Beltin goes out for his appointment at the brothel and notices guards, wagons, clerics, adventurers and mages heading towards the arena. He continues on towards the brothel and takes care of business. On the way back, he overhears that there are a ton of undead coming out of the arena. He rushes home and tells the others. We all head towards the arena. There is a line of clerics holding back a horde of wights and the ground is shaking indicative of something huge in the arena. We see Eritae and ask her where we can help. Before we can get an assignment, Gonoan pushes through the clerics, sees the wights, and stops. All of a sudden, 4 wights break through near Gonoan. He steps back through the clerics. Sanna casts a lightning ball and destroys them. We watch for anymore esaping undead while Pike breaks into the storage locker for his crossbow. Eventually, some powerful mages and clerics slay the monster which turns out to be an undead worm and the rest of the undead are taken care of. Apparently, Auric and Kellek were waiting with 3 flesh golems when this monster came out of the ground. Racknian points Auric and Kellek out to the monster. Auric attacks it and does some damage. Then the monster swallows Auric, who is still alive and fighting in its gut. A bunch of spirits rise up and through a burst of necromantic energy, drain levels from the spectators. Those who died, rise as wights. Racknian cries out in triumphant pain as the powers turn him into a death knight. He summons a nightmare and flees. Those who could, began fighting the monster and undead. The alarm goes out through the city. Eritae says that this is the worst devastation the city has faced. She apologizes but will not be able to leave with us the next day. She wants us to go on with the dwarf and finalize the treaty without her. We head back home to prepare for our departure.


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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