grey hawk

December 17th, 2012

The guard tells us that it costs 10gp to enter the city. Pike doubts this and begins to approach the guards further on. Mark Restin (the guard) gets flustered and disappears. A merchant approaches us and warns us about him, as he has been swindling people. As we approach the gate, some urchins are begging for money. Gonoan tosses a copper out while Beltin buys bread and turkey to feed them all. We obtain the services of one of them (Foppy) to lead us to the church of St Cuthbert. We speak to a priest who claims to not know of Marya’s whereabouts. He leaves to talk to someone else. He returns with a note from Marya saying to meet her at the Come On Inn, in the Keg room. In the meantime we have lunch at the Sleepy Dragon and get Carrot a cheeseburger and also feed Foppy. While there we find out that there have been a string of robberies over the last few months. The thieves guild is not responsible and have been unable to discover the culprits. The thief(s) have been stealing only small, valuable items and have been getting in and out without leaving any evidence. After lunch, Carrot goes out and does not return. We meet with Marya and she pays us 40 gp each. Obregon asks about the cargo and the hunters but she says the less we know the better. She walks away and Sanna yells out “We will talk about your vampires later”. Marya does not react and leaves. We go to the gate to look for Marcus and the guards escort us to a warehouse but it is closed. We sleep at the Sleepy Dragon. Sanna awakens during the night to noises coming from her fireplace and notices Natauru is missing. Gonoan hears the noise and goes to investigate. Sanna discovers she is now under a silence spell. From under the bed comes a wooden jester, and a little girl doll and couple of puppet sheep come out and she says”Time to count sheep” Sanna burns them, destroying the doll and setting the bed on fire. Gonoan wakes the rest of the party and attempts to break down the door. Beltin and Obregon join the fun. There is a vampire doll that heads up the chimney followed by the jester. Sanna unlocks the door which Gonoan then bashes open, bloodying her nose. Gonoan rushes to the chimney and grabs the jester by the legs, ripping it in half. Sanna begins to put the fire out with Obregons help. Beltin goes out the window and spider climbs to the roof. Gonoan follows and we see there is a marionette spider with the kobold wrapped in yarn along with the vampire doll. Beltin spits acid killing the doll and injuring the spider. Gonoan chases them down and kills the spider. He tries to throw the spider to Beltin but it falls to the ground. He then notices there is something off about a gargoyle in the corner. Obregon comes to the roof. Beltin climbs down and grabs the spider. Gonoan approaches the gargoyle and determines that it is alive. It spins and attacks Gonoan. Obregon hits it twice with arrows. Beltin collects the spider and vampire toys. The gargoyle hits Gonoan again. Obregon hits it twice again, once for a crit. Beltin climbs up and joins the fray. The gargoyle flies away. Obregon shoots it again but fails to take it out. We regroup and finish our night. The next morning, Sanna pays for the bed and then we head to the warehouse. Marcus gets us our gear. We head back to the inn and speak to the innkeeper about what really happened the night before as the explanation for how the robberies have been happening. He is shell shocked and wanders off, not hearing anything else we say. Til 2013


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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