grey hawk

December 10th 2012

We question the kobold some more and learn that Freddy was only hitting caravans for valuables, he is not the one taking the trade goods. We hide the bulk goods in the village. Obregon begins to track Freddy who apparently travels back and forth between the village and another location. We come across a campsite that seems off. Pike and Obregon search the area and determine that someone has buried things here. We start digging and find refuse in the first spot, a small humanoid skeleton in the second which Freddy has visited. We find some interesting artifacts but nothing of obvious value. It appears this was a settlement of some sort in the past and we are picking through their remains. We decide to camp here and nothing of note happens through the night. We head back to the village in the morning. We collect the items we left behind and return to the caravan. The wheels were restored when we arrived. We wait for Marya to return. After some time, we hear horses approaching. It is 3 riders, a warrior in plate, a caster in robes, and someone in a tabard and chainmail. The Warrior approaches and orders us to clear the wagons. The caster begins readying a spell. Sanna determines she is readying lightning bolt. We hold and watch. The wizard casts a lightning bolt at the rear wagon and sets it on fire. Marcus says “Stop him”. We begin to advance on the warrior, trying to get his attention. He ignores us and looks like he is praying. Finally, he tells us that he is burning the vampires that were in that wagon. We are incredulous but allow him to proceed walking around, “detecting evil”. He says there are no others but is concerned when Obregon mentions that half the caravan has gone on. They pay Marcus for the damage and ride towards Dyvers to find the rest of the caravan. We mount up and follow. They block the road and ask why we are following them. We say that we are looking for Marya and they let us pass. We come across a human woman standing next to the road. She seems to be out of place but we pass her by. We approach Dyvers. We speak with a city guard who remembers Marya entering and says she has not left. We seek directions for the church of St Cuthbert. End


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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