grey hawk

August 6th 2012

Beat 2 ghouls. Took passage to right. Passed through a diamond shaped foyer and entered a room with a Boccob statue on a raised platform. Statue has a glowing eye. Pike searched the statue and found that the eye would rotate. Rotated eye and found a ring with a glowing crystal. Pike tries it on with no effect. Puts it in his pocket. We thoroughly search all the walls in this room; found nothing.
Head down the straight corridor. Passed through another diamond shaped foyer with double doors. Pike discovered a falling block trap and disarmed it. Picked the lock on the door and it opens onto a chamber with 3 ghouls. Beltin gets hit several times and is diseased by a bite. Killed all 3. T junction; Turned right. Found room with 2 bandits staked to the walls. Searched them and found nothing. Black beaded curtain with a dwarven statue behind it. Pike is attacked by the stretchy, tentacly hand of an undead aberration. Belamin destroys it with a turning. Found 2 potions behind statue. Searched the walls; found nothing. Went back to the left turn, through a door and found an ancient dwarf w/glowing eyes sitting on a throne made of bone. Decided to wait for the rest of the party to return before engaging.


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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