grey hawk

August 5th, 2013

As the debris from the door settles, Pike tosses in a thunderstone. We notice a creature of some sort hiding in the corner of this bookcase lined room. There is also an open door leading to a hallway. Pike attempts to shoot the creature but misses. Sanna casts light on her short spear. The creature moves up and attacks Sanna, hitting her twice with it’s long tentacly arms. It begins a grapple on her and slowly begins to constrict her. Beltin hits it with acid, Obregon shoots it 3 times and Gonoan finishes it off. We notice another one moving in the door way. Pike hides behind a bookcase while Sanna heals herself with Natuuru’s help. The creature attempts to grapple Gonoan and fails. Beltin hits it with acid, Obregon climbs down from the roof and Gonoan hits it once. Pike continues to hide and Sanna moves to the door, hitting it with magic missiles. It manages to grapple Gonoan with one arm. Beltin moves up and gets hit on the way. He hits it once and Obregon shoots it twice which takes it down. We move to the door and see a short hallway leading to a closed door. Pike hears movement behind the door and picks the lock. He pushes open the door to this room with a desk, bookcases and more papers and books than a wizard could read in a month. We see a light skinned, stocky wizard in the final gestures of casting a spell. A giant rat appears near the door to join its twin already moving to attack. We take the rats down quickly, Beltin hits the wizard with acid and Gonoan cleaves him in half. We can hear that the Nightwatchmen and Archanians have entered the building. The other rooms are empty and whoever was fighting below has vanished. We decide to pursue the escapees after we search the wizard. We find combat gear, spell component pouch, rings and earring. We head downstairs and start looking for a hidden exit. We find 2, one is low ceilinged heading towards the sewer while the other is normal sized and headed up towards the street. Obregon tracks the cultists to the sewer bound tunnel. We let the nightwatch know what we find and head toward the sewer. Pike leads the way as he can stand normally. We follow the tracks and end up in the courtyard where Pike, Obregon and Gonoan encountered the cultists earlier. It appears they went into the alley and split up. We have lost the trail and so head back to the cultist headquarters. We inquire of the nightwatchmen if they found anything. They found a large black leather bound book and some paperwork. The book contained information on the moon phases and the best times to sacrifice to evil deities. Sanna reads through the spell book and learns the wizards name is Alvarici. He shares bloodlines with the some northern tribes who are primarily barbarians. He is from the north and probably had affinity with cold spells. We read through the papers and find some notes about him. The nightwatchman heads away to use the new knowledge to assist them in interrogating their prisoners. We begin searching the house from top to bottom and find a cask with 200 gp in the desk but nothing else of value. We go towards the Arachnians house in search of them. One of them approaches us after a while and leads us to a group of them which includes Misstress Ethtran. We give them the details of what we found. They refer us back to the nightwatchmen who know the general area of the sacrifice now but need help narrowing it down. Obregon takes their information and figures out where the cultists must be heading. We decide to head out and try to lay a trap for the cultists. With horses borrowed from the nightwatch, we make our way slowly and find the clearing approximately 5 hours before the sacrifice. The clearing has a tree in it and is surrounded by trees and brush. Pike climbs the tree in the clearing as the rest of us position ourselves around the perimeter. We hear them approaching and get ready. There is a gnoll leader with 2 underlings behind, then the female cultist leader, 2 scouts, 2 rogues and another gnoll bringing the prisoners. They begin doing spot checks and one of the scouts sees Gonoan, and cries out in alarm. Sanna fires off a lightning ball into their midst. All but 3 of the gnolls go down. Pike kills one of the remaining with his crossbow, Beltin gets the other with acid. Obregon hits the remaining gnoll priest twice. Sanna orders him to release the prisoners, Pike waits to see if anything comes in to view, and Beltin moves close enough to activate his acid aura. The priest draws his sword and holds it above the female prisoner, threatening to kill her if he is attacked. Obregon fires an arrow at him but misses and he swings at the prisoner, injuring her. Obregon fires again and does not miss. As the priest collapses, Beltin moves to the woman and heals her. What comes next?


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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