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August 28th, 2013

The rest of the group heads toward the Ram, the local inn. We get some drinks and notice the barkeep is a warrior type. He assumes we are with Beltin. Gonoan says we are his group and Pike says we are more his mentors which the barkeep doesn’t believe. A couple of people come in shaking their heads and murmuring. They approach the bar and ask for the key to the game room. We ask what they play but he is not sure. Gonoan and Pike go to the game room to see what is happening. There are a number of people heading in to the inn talking about Beltin being home, the whereabouts of his father and the chance of war. The door is answered and Pike inquires about games of chance. They say they are not gambling for high stakes but Pike convinces them to let him in. They make introductions and state that they are expecting a couple more people. The others arrive shortly with food and drink. We hear them saying that they probably shouldn’t play “that” game since we are friends of Beltin. They propose playing dice. Pike deliberately loses the first couple of throws. After Pike wins several rounds they propose playing 3 dragon ante. They are anxious about bringing it up because those who associate with dragons find it offensive. We play anyway. Pike does well. The other players talk a bit about Beltin, the town and the fear of war. Beltin joins us at the inn and informs the group that he is staying at his house and invites them over for breakfast in the morning. As we leave, a few of the other gamblers are loitering outside and smile fakely at Pike. They make insincere greetings to Beltin. We all gather at Beltin’s for breakfast in the morning. Beltin fills the group in on the family and town history. Parlax returns early in the afternoon. He is impressed with Beltin and how he looks. He is pleased to see Beltin has companions but wants to speak privately. He is very serious and says he has talked with Axon and is under the impression that he should not go to the lizard folk to sue for peace. He is too angry still about the war and not a good choice. Axon wants peace and not war. Beltin was called home to guard the home front in case something happened to Parlax. The lizard folk have not done anything but raid some herds. They do hate the festivals when the town populations swell and some unsavory types show up. Axon wants Beltin to approach the lizard folk. Parlax and his contemporaries are known and not trusted by the lizard folk or the dragon Illfain. Parlax is reluctant to let Beltin go. If we go, the first stop should be Blackwall Keep to consult with the forces there. They should have more information. The lizard folk have been quiet but scouts have been seen which doesn’t bode well. The Twisted Branch tribe is the greatest concern and have been the most visible. He asks that we escort Beltin to Blackwall Keep and that the wizard and warriors there will accompany him to the lizard folk. Beltin rolls his eyes. A few of Beltin’s friends stop by expecting to go along to Blackwall Keep but are turned away. Beltin promises to visit longer when he returns. We pick up some insect repellent and netting. We head out the next morning. The first day we pass by some dwarven crafters. Gonoan greets them in Dwarven. That evening we see some halflings but don’t approach them. The second day we pass some more dwarves. In the evening we see yet more halflings. We approach Blackwall Keep on the third day. As we approach we see the horse stockade is open and the horses are dead and dismembered. We then notice a number of small groups of lizardmen surrounding the keep and a handful of warriors on the keeps battlements. We also see that several of the lizardmen are eating horses and one eating the remains of a human. It is obvious that they have been attacking the keep. Pike calls out asking for their leader. This draws their attention but they do not attack immediately. The Keep warriors call out to us seeking aid. Pike offers to parlay but they don’t appear to understand common. Beltin calls out in Draconic “What is the meaning of this? Stand down immediately!” Natauru has cast bless on the group and shield of faith on Sanna. Someone (lizard) shouts an order and some of the lizards begin to move slowly toward the door. Others head toward the wall. The keep warriors begin firing upon them. Pike spots the leader and shouts to him looking for peace (with Nat translating). Beltin moves up and gives them one last chance. They begin to move towards the keep again and Sanna kills 7 of them with a lightning ball. Some attempt to climb the walls with only one gaining the battlements. One attacks Gonoan with a wand but misses. Others attack Gonoan but fail. Several throw javelins at Sanna but one is immediately cut down by Obregon. Pike shoots one down. The guards kill the one on the wall. Gonoan kills the one with the wand. Nat turns Sanna invisible, and she casts ring of blades on herself. The lizard leader shouts to retreat and they all run. Beltin kills a couple with acid and Gonoan chases the leader but is unable to catch him. Obregon attempts to shoot the leader but misses. Sanna runs up to several and eviscerates them with her blades. The others manage to escape. The guards open the keep door for us. What is next for our hearty band of adventurers?


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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