grey hawk

August 20th 2012

Attacked the undead dwarf. The dwarfs name is Rathe Blackstone and he threatens to turn us into ghouls. Resists Bellamins turning but succumbs to big hits by Gonoan and Beltin as well as spell damage from Sanna. Recovered: Combat gearS, mithril shirt (Sanna), jade ringS(20 gp), golden earringsS(50gp), crest ring(sigil w Moradins hammer on a pyramid, nonmagical,used to bypass wall of force), spell component pouchS, Dwarven war axeS(magical), potion(magical). Pike searched the throne and found nothing. Found a door in the rear corner which leads to a damaged sarcophagus. Small iron coffer, Pike opens and finds 155 gp of PP, gems and tools. Go back to the elevator room and utilizing Beltin’s spider climb and knotted rope, successfully get everyone up the shaft to the upper level. Paid the dwarves 3 PP on exit. We return to Greyhawk. Each get 20 gp (Bellamin 10). Beltin and Bellamin head to the church of Pelor to check on healing his disease. Tried to check at St Cuthbert. Spoke with Eritai and shared all of our experiences. Offered to refund the price of the cure for proof of destroyed undead. Beltin borrows the money from Gonoan and gets the cure. Stayed in town 2 more days, healed up and collected laborers and wagons for collecting the stolen goods. Sold mundane goods for 45 gp each (20 for Bellamin). Meet with priests of Boccob to sell the text, they low ball us. We try to play them off WeeJas but they offer to buy us drinks and share information. We take them through the dungeon as if we were just adventurers. We exchange pointed barbs and learn nothing of value. They leave.


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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