grey hawk

August 14th, 2013

We stabilize the lead priest and warrior woman, tie them up and loot the bodies. We find a longsword15g, gauntletsMBrutal 3 charges (1=2, 2=3, 3=4)500g, potionM cure light 50g, 5 combat gear, banded mail250g, 4 short sword40g, 4 dagger4g, 2pearl Mbrainlock 900g, 2 jumping caltrops, 2 lt crossbow70g , 40 bolts4g, 2 mithral chain shirtM1 4200g, 2 splint mail400g, 2 Great swordM+1 4100g, 4 composite short bow300g, 2 studded leatherM+1 2050g, 2 battleaxe40, 40 arrows2, 565 gp of loot. (1571g, 7s) We release the prisoners and they appear to be uncomfortable in the wilderness. We move to a nearby clearing and set up camp. Samwell shares his story. He is in love with a lady that works at the courthouse and had ordered some exotic flowers for her. He was trying to deliver them and was running late only to discover everyone had left. He bribed a guard to provide him with her address (she may not feel the same as he does) and was attacked as he was leaving. Allarra was researching adoption law for herself at the courthouse when she was attacked. She is from the church of Lydia and is sure that her church will help find out what the cult was after. She feels that they are only a small group and not likely to be any more of a bother. We rest for the night. We head back to Greyhawk and Beltin goes in to the Church of St Cuthbert for aid bringing the prisoners in. They send out the hearse to collect them. Beltin and Obregon go to the church to meet with Eritae. We learn that this group was likely a distraction as they have no knowledge of what is going on at Greyhawk ruins. Kalan Brunzell, thug, is the contact with the thieves guild for the cult. This group was trying to cause a panic with the Irahnians other form while they continued to act unhindered. There may be a connection to the thieves guild and we need to watch our backs. On the way home, we stop at the merchant’s guild to check in. There is a message from Beltin’s father. It says Beltin, come home at once. We reconvene at the house. Pike checks in with Radic and relates our adventures to him. Radic tells him that Lower Eery has a lot of mines and is pretty corrupt. “Don’t go to the Feral Dog, the Emporium or mess with the mine managers”, he is told. After resupplying and buying horses, we leave the next day for Lower Eery. On the second day, we encounter some dwarven miners transporting ore to Greyhawk. Day 3, we pass a group of Halfling farmers with spices and tabacco. On the fourth day, we spot a group of 4 lizard folk scouts. We continue on without molesting them. We arrive in town and head to Beltin’s house. He greets his mom and sisters; his extended family is gathering to offer greetings. Beltin’s mom tells him that his dad is off visiting Axon and should be back within a day. He goes in with her and she tells him that his father fears a war with the lizardfolk on the old battlefield. A long time ago, the locals had built Marsh Keep and Blackwall Keep. “I’m sure your dad doesn’t want to involve your adventuring friends.” She fears that he is going to lead a group into the MistMarsh to attempt diplomacy with the lizardfolk. He wants Beltin home in case he falls. She is hoping that Axon will have a different plan. The lizard folk were almost wiped out due to some sort of disease that they believe was deliberately released by the humans. Shortly after that, was the last great battle. Now, the new generation of lizard folk are grown and may be prone to attack. If they were, it would be now. Illfain (black dragon) has been coordinating the swamp tribes to expand and if it happens, now is the time or they would have to wait until next year. What is the real story?


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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