grey hawk

April 29th, 2013

We decide to thoroughly search the room with the large double doors. We find random loot between 10 and 30 gp. We recall that there are runes just inside the wall of force that say “Death is the key to passage beyond; so too are there keys to passage below”. Sanna uses the wand of detect magic and finds the runes, statues, doors and the eye are magical plus there is a haze of necromancy pervading the room. The statues appear to be moveable so we move them onto the runes in different combinations until one is on dark and the other on earth. An ornate key falls out of the air in front of the door. Beltin unlocks the door, pushes them open and the dwarven statues come to life. They begin to move towards Beltin. We manage to destroy them with no casualties. When they break apart, there is loot in the rubble worth 135 gp. There are also 4 potions. This large room has a large death symbol on the floor and a large statue of a dwarf holding an everburning flame. Sanna uses her wand on this room and it also reeks of necromantic magic. When we step into the room, dust and debris swirl up into 3 tiny creatures that move to attack. Beltin hits them with acid and Sanna with burning hands. Pike hits one and they triple team him, hitting him a few times. Pike moves away and they follow but fall to attacks from the rest of us. Pike loses some Strength and his skin turns green. We begin to search the room as Sanna attempts to identify the potions. They are Potions of repair light damage. We hear a noise from out in the large room which Naturu identifies as humanoid shaped undead. We move to intercept them. It is 2 ghouls. Beltin and Gonoan get in good hits but Gonoan is sickened by their stench. We take them down pretty quickly and resume searching the room. Pike finds a secret panel in the chest of the statue with a lever inside. He pulls the lever and the statue moves to the side revealing a dwarven corpse. We see crystals(4 magic (crystal of life drinking least400,return least300, security (300), illumination(100) ), anklet(translocation;conjuration1400), gauntletsM(lightning;evocation;1000gp) on the body. Pike checks for traps and finds none. We search the body and find an ornate key and 110 gp. Pike starts removing items. Sanna takes the anklet and crystals, Pike puts on the gauntlets and Beltin holds the key and gold. Is that ogres we hear?


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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