grey hawk

April 1st, 2013

We finish speaking to the mages but learn nothing of interest. We decide to head back to Greyhawk and go looking for Marcus to arrange a caravan for us to accompany. He is surprised that we are alive and takes some time to examine us to determine that we are who we say we are. He does know of a caravan we can work with on the way back. We arrive in Greyhawk without incident. We check in to the Griffon’s nest. Sanna reports in at the Mage’s guild. He relates our adventures to his contact who has nothing new for him. He then goes to the magic school and asks about the monks order. He learns they are the Kallemach, an evil order. The Shadowin monks may know more. Pike and Gonoan go to check in at the thieve’s guild. Tirra meets him and listens to his tale. She is not very interested in what we have done and is disappointed that he has done nothing for the guild. She instructs him to stay away from the guild as he is being scryed unless she tells him otherwise. She will assign him a handler and they will be in touch. She will also look into the Kallemach monks. Obregon and Beltin start looking at houses. After the rest of the group go to bed, Pike stays up to meet his handler. He notices a pair of halflings go to the bar. Another Halfling(Gurps) joins him and takes him out on the street to show him around the area he will be working. As they left, Pike notices the other 2 halflings are talking about trying to kill him. When they return, the sober one starts to follow him but when Pike turns to confront him, he backs down. The next day we head to Castle Greyhawk. We enter through the elevator shaft. We head towards the door way with the Wall of Force. We head down the stairs amid a blue glow. At the bottom we enter a large room with alcoves along the walls, a large platform in the middle with a whole in it with cerulean light leaking out of it. In the first alcove, we see an altar with a mini forge on top, which appears to be giving off heat. The second has an iron bound door in front of it. Pike listens but hears nothing. All of a sudden, a pair of black skinned creatures fly out of the hole in the platform accompanied by 2 swarms of spiders. To arms…


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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