grey hawk

April 15th, 2013

Sanna casts a fireball and hits them all, both swarms are destroyed. The shaedlings create walls of darkness and cut off our sight of them. Sanna throws an ice knife through at them. Beltin goes through the shadow wall and attacks one. They both attack him and do a little damage. Gonoan comes through and attacks as well. One retreats and gets taken down. Sanna hits the other with magic missiles and Beltin breathes acid on it and it falls. We start to search the room. Gonoan and Pike start checking alcoves. The doors are metal and sealed. The open alcoves are burial chambers with 18 dwarven bodies in each. They find nothing in the first 3. Meanwhile the rest search the symbols and pillars. We discover that the Blackstone crest is on each. The pillars have the symbols orientation varied on each side. We turn them with great effort. Over the iron bound double door it says”4 facing forward, stand upright Blackstone stand, 2 facing inward, seal darkness deep by hand. We figure out how to position the pillars which cause the symbols to raise up. We turn them inward and metal plates close off the chasm. We also hear the double doors unlock. Then a sword wraith descends the stairs and enters the room. We brace for an attack but do not attack first. The wraith approaches Sanna and gestures towards the stairs up. Sanna moves away and the wraith becomes angry and attacks Beltin. Sanna and Obregon attack with readied actions doing a little damage. It hits Beltin who returns the hit. Sanna attempts to hit it with a spell that doesn’t affect it. Obregon shoots it 3 times and it disappears. We approach the double door and open it. We see a large room with 8 sarcaphogi, huge double doors, a flaming eye in the floor surrounded by dwarven runes, 2 everburning braziers and 2 statues of dwarven warriors. We carefully move up to the flaming eye and Gonoan reads the runes. They are a series of words, repeated on each side but in different orders. The pupil of the flaming eye is a moving sphere which we can occasionally see a key hole in. We look around the room and find no clues to tell us how to move on. We start searching everything. The braziers contain stones with continual flame. Pike removes his and narrowly avoids a dart trap. Under the stone is a lever. Beltin pulls it and the eye’s pupil stops revolving. We try some combinations with the stones on the runes with no effect. We move back out and search the remaining alcoves, looking desperately for a key. Gonoan searches the miniature forge and the symbol of Moradin depresses. A flaming ooze comes out and attacks him. The rest of the party rushes to his aid; Sanna kills it with an ice knife. Gonoan looks into the opening and sees nothing. But he does get an adamantine holy symbol. We manage to open the sealed alcove doors and find the crypts of nobles but still no key. Where is the key???


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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