grey hawk

August 6th 2012

Beat 2 ghouls. Took passage to right. Passed through a diamond shaped foyer and entered a room with a Boccob statue on a raised platform. Statue has a glowing eye. Pike searched the statue and found that the eye would rotate. Rotated eye and found a ring with a glowing crystal. Pike tries it on with no effect. Puts it in his pocket. We thoroughly search all the walls in this room; found nothing.
Head down the straight corridor. Passed through another diamond shaped foyer with double doors. Pike discovered a falling block trap and disarmed it. Picked the lock on the door and it opens onto a chamber with 3 ghouls. Beltin gets hit several times and is diseased by a bite. Killed all 3. T junction; Turned right. Found room with 2 bandits staked to the walls. Searched them and found nothing. Black beaded curtain with a dwarven statue behind it. Pike is attacked by the stretchy, tentacly hand of an undead aberration. Belamin destroys it with a turning. Found 2 potions behind statue. Searched the walls; found nothing. Went back to the left turn, through a door and found an ancient dwarf w/glowing eyes sitting on a throne made of bone. Decided to wait for the rest of the party to return before engaging.

August 20th 2012

Attacked the undead dwarf. The dwarfs name is Rathe Blackstone and he threatens to turn us into ghouls. Resists Bellamins turning but succumbs to big hits by Gonoan and Beltin as well as spell damage from Sanna. Recovered: Combat gearS, mithril shirt (Sanna), jade ringS(20 gp), golden earringsS(50gp), crest ring(sigil w Moradins hammer on a pyramid, nonmagical,used to bypass wall of force), spell component pouchS, Dwarven war axeS(magical), potion(magical). Pike searched the throne and found nothing. Found a door in the rear corner which leads to a damaged sarcophagus. Small iron coffer, Pike opens and finds 155 gp of PP, gems and tools. Go back to the elevator room and utilizing Beltin’s spider climb and knotted rope, successfully get everyone up the shaft to the upper level. Paid the dwarves 3 PP on exit. We return to Greyhawk. Each get 20 gp (Bellamin 10). Beltin and Bellamin head to the church of Pelor to check on healing his disease. Tried to check at St Cuthbert. Spoke with Eritai and shared all of our experiences. Offered to refund the price of the cure for proof of destroyed undead. Beltin borrows the money from Gonoan and gets the cure. Stayed in town 2 more days, healed up and collected laborers and wagons for collecting the stolen goods. Sold mundane goods for 45 gp each (20 for Bellamin). Meet with priests of Boccob to sell the text, they low ball us. We try to play them off WeeJas but they offer to buy us drinks and share information. We take them through the dungeon as if we were just adventurers. We exchange pointed barbs and learn nothing of value. They leave.

September 3rd 2012

Traded magical dwarven axe for +1morningstar for Beltin. Meet Batan the weapon seller. Gonoan and Sanna go to the shanty area and look for Rolph the bandit healer. No luck. Beltin and Pike collect the carts and laborers from St Cuthbert. They pay an urchin, Lumi, to fetch Bellamin. The group regathers and heads to the ruins. They clear the rubble from around the elevators, have the laborers lower them down and pack up the trade goods. We decide to go below the pillbox and try to find the rest of the trade goods. The laborers will wait as long as they can and still get back to Greyhawk before night. Pike picks the lock on the door to the hallway with the defaced shrine antechamber. As we pass through the burnt room, we all start to exude smells: Beltin urine, Sanna manure, Gonoan sulphur, Bellamin earthy, Pike stale fetid smell. We discover a kobold in the pill box. Have a hard time hitting the kobold, Sanna blasts it with a magic missile and kills it. Loot:hand crossbow, sling, spear. Head through the trap door and down a rusty ladder into a damp tunnel with algae and mushrooms. It leads to another ladder going up. Pike heads toward the ladder and one of the mushrooms starts to shriek. We pound it quiet. Pike climbs the ladder and hears the sound of multiple creatures above. Gonoan goes up and enters the room. It is a large room with iron bars across it and there are 4 kobolds(2 are on wolves) and an ogre. In the far corner there is a raised platform with gruesome doors on it. We engage them through the bars. The wolves attack Gonoan and the ogre attacks Beltin. The Kobolds flip a table for cover and begin to fire hand crossbows at Beltin because as they say in Draconic “We know what you are, no melee!” Gonoan kills one of the wolves, Beltin, Pike and Sanna kill the ogre. We rush the table, Gonoan knocks them back and we make short work of the first 3. We attempt to subdue the last kobold and he runs to the doors and calls Gouger.

September 17th, 2012

Gouger appears in the doorway hanging from a harness with just his head, torso and one arm. Beltin hits him with a line of acid, Sanna with burning hands (which kills the last kobold), Pike and Obregon with arrows. He begins swinging at Gonoan who is taunting him, doing some damage. He also gets a hit in on Sanna, disrupting her spell. Between Sanna’s fire attacks, Beltin’s acid and Gonoan’s jumping attacks, he is taken out. Beltin continues to breathe acid until his corpse is destroyed. Pike searches the room and finds broach, ring, hide armor and amulet as well as a trap door in the floor. We search the bodies and find nothing of value. Pike searches the trap door for traps and finds none. He opens the door and sees a 20’ shaft. Beltin spider climbs down and discovers a short tunnel that ends in 2 burnished brass doors. The group climbs down, Pike checks for traps and listens with no results. He pushes the door open with his sword and the light dims to normal and butterflies burst from the door. The room’s walls, ceiling and floor are covered with impaled corpses. There is a large grate in the floor connected to 2 winches. The grate opens to a room 60’below. We search the bodies and walls and find nothing.
We decide to head back and deal with the guillotine and shadow. The preceding room’s floor begins to undulate as we cross it. The door is unchained though we chained it when we left it the last time. We enter and attack the guillotine. The shadow comes out of the wall and attacks Bellamin. The guillotine attacks Gonoan. Bellamin attempts greater turning and fails. The guillotine is defeated quickly. We turn our attention to the shadow. Pike attempts to shoot it and the bolt passes through it with no effect. Bellamin fails to turn it a second time. We end after the shadow attempts to hit Bellamin again and fails.

October 1st 2012

Obregon attempts to shoot the shadow and it passes straight through. Sanna hits it with a disrupt undead, Bellamin attempts turning again and fails, Beltin strikes at it and misses. The shadow attacks Beltin and misses. Sanna fires again and misses, Bellamin tries to hit it with cure light wounds, Beltin strikes at it again and they both miss. The shadow hits Beltin and drains his strength. Bellamin hits it with a cure light wounds and kills it. We check the first door and find a dead dwarf that appears to be one of the tower watchmen. We search the body and find MW warhammer, lt crossbow, adventuring gear, full plate, lg steel shield, cloak, potion. We search all the adjoining rooms and find nothing. Sanna discovers that Beltin’s ring is protection +1, the amulet aids natural weapons, the broach is shielding and the crystal ring does nothing for Pike. We head back to the elevators and run into 8 skeletons. We dispatch them quickly though Beltin misses twice. We then return the dead dwarf to the guardians. They are appreciative that we return his body and equipment. We gather the laborers and wagons and return to town. We identify our objects, sell some off and equip again. We gather to discuss our next move. We visit the wizard’s guild to look for other angles to follow up. They have no advice on where to go next. We will visit the Watch to see if there are any leads on where the bandits may be found.

October 15th, 2012

We continue to discuss what to do next. Pike visits the thieves guild to inquire about entry and is accepted. Tirra is his orientator. Told to make contacts in the beggar’s guild and nightwatchmen. Beltin and Obregon visit the merchant guild to seek intelligence on bandit activity. Meet with Yala Sory. Tells us of a request for us to accompany a couple of caravans for the church of St Cuthbert. They are also looking for Ral Partha, Lord Greene, Hysalis and Ballis, members of the union who disappeared with their caravans. Most of the caravans that have been targeted have contained bulk goods. We also inquire about housing and learn the foreign quarter may be the best. Sanna and Gonoan visit the mercenaries guild. They ask about areas most hit by bandits and are told they can’t get that information without paying or joining. Sanna drives the price down. They find out that the bandits must have inside information about the delivery schedules. We decide to follow a caravan and attempt to track the bandits. At the Griffons Nest, Obregon spots a druid. Pike and Sanna approach him and attempt to find out what he is about. Pike slaps him with a glove and Sanna attempts to intimidate him. Pike steals his pouch and dumps his drink on him. We go the next morning to see Yala and find out the caravan the church wants our help with will be in in a few days. We wait. Pike attempts contact with the beggars guild, with little results. Bellamin is unable to accompany us at this time. Marcus Ariol is the caravan leader. Marya Darkeyes arrives from the church of St Cuthbert. The caravan sets out. We encounter a group of halflings led by Talf the Daring, that are looking for help finding and destroying a group of orcs. We agree and go with the halflings. We travel for a while when the halflings split up to look for a campsite. Shortly, 2 of the halflings return, wounded and fleeing a large group of kobolds and goblins. Sanna casts ice knife in their midst, wounding most of them. Beltin breathes acid, destroying 5. Talf moves up as does Gonoan who kills one. The humanoids move up and attack Beltin and Talf with no effect. Cliffhanger…

October 29th, 2012

We finish off the remaining humanoids without them getting off an attack. We keep one kobold alive and question it. It refers to Mcgrueger, it’s master who is back at their camp. There are apparently orcs, goblins, kobolds, and flinds at the camp. We loot the bodies and get 160 cp, 77 sp. The other halflings return and we set up camp. We enjoy a fine stew for dinner (Thanks Matt for the chili) During Pike’s watch, a flaming humanoid appears and approaches, looks at us and then turns around and quickly moves away. We are unable to catch it and return to our rest. The next day, we separate from the halflings to return to the caravan. We set up a signal so we will know if they need our help upon our return. We rejoin the caravan and move through the day. We come upon a clearing, and though it is not too late, Marcus wants to stop for the night. He doesn’t feel we can make the next camp before nightfall. As the caravan is setting up for the night, there is a crashing noise from the woods. A large group of humanoids move out and we attack. There are 5 kobolds, 4 goblins, 3 orcs and a flind. Beltin kills 2 kobolds, a goblin and injures an orc with his breath weapon, Sanna kills the flind with an ice knife. They charge us and hit Beltin for a lot of damage. We get in some good hits and notice the orcs are unusually tough. We finally take down most of them. The goblins move around behind us and flank Beltin, who is taken down. When the last of the orcs is killed, the goblins hold Beltin’s unconscious form hostage. Sanna offers to take Beltin’s place. The goblins demand her equipment and she places it in front of them. We notice 2 hobgoblins attempting to take the flind’s body. 2 of the goblins take Sanna, who breaks away. The 3rd goblin is holding a weapon on Beltin when Pike shoots him from hiding and puts a crossbow bolt in his forehead. Sanna and Obregon make short work of the hobgoblins and one of the goblins. Gonoan chases the last goblin through the woods, clubs him and brings him back. Darkeyes heals Beltin while explaining her lack of action during the combat being due to her need to protect the wagons. She apologizes but it falls on deaf ears. We loot the bodies and find 40 cp, 20 sp, 120 arrows, 6 gp, 2 50 gp gems, 2 50gp other gems, 2 handed sword, 3 chain shirt, 3 greataxes, chain shirt, 4 lt crossbows. Lady Darkeyes congratulates us on our prowess and invites us to keep on with her if we so decide. Gonoan interrogates the goblin and learns the camp is to the north.

November 12th 2012`

The caravan finishes setting up camp. Pike sneaks up on the off duty guards and listens in on their conversation. The guards wonder why we are along and believe we have a rogue with us. Beltin, Obregon and Sanna approach Marya. We ask about getting paid. We agree to 10 gp day each. We ask her what is so special on this caravan that she would be needed. She declines to answer. We sleep. The caravan sets off in the morning. During the afternoon, we hear a lot of rustling in the trees off to the left. We are unable to determine what over the noise of the wagons. Ahead of us something small bounces off a tree and rolls across the road in the brush. Gonoan and Beltin proceed ahead and see something moving in the trees. We have trouble figuring out what it is. Sanna moves up to join while Marya stops the caravan to prepare for possible ambush. Obregon manages to convince it to come out and it turns out to be a talking cat named Carrot. Despite Pike’s objections, we invite it to accompany us. Marcus and Pike discuss the cat disparagingly. Marcus wants the cat kept away from the front of the caravan. Carrot rides with Obregon. The caravan moves on. We make camp. The rest of the caravan attempts to stay away from the cat. We talk to Carrot and try to learn about its past. We learn very little and Pike and it bicker. During Beltin’s watch, there is a rustling in the brush. Upon investigation we find a tree with a face. It makes evil looking faces but doesn’t speak or move. Sanna determines that it is an illusion. Meanwhile Marya discovers that a lot of the wagon wheels are missing and there is underwear in their places. Sanna attempts to divine what spell was used and believes it is polymorph object. All of a sudden the burning man appears across the clearing. He says “Don’t thank me for giving you an extra set of underwear because you are going to need them if you come after me” We run at him. Beltin asks him why he took the wheels. He says he wants our stuff and wants to take it by force; he wants us to come to his camp. Beltin asks for directions and receives them. Freddy says that he wants only us to come and face him. He leaves and Obregon hits him with an arrow and Sanna with 2 magic missiles. He shrugs off both attacks. Marya gives us a cure serious wounds potion which Beltin carries. Pike confronts Marcus now and then again in the morning but learns nothing new. We walk through the woods until we come upon a human singing to a group of humanoids. We spread out and Beltin walks out and talks to the singer. He claims they are friends of Freddy’s and offers his hospitality. Beltin divulges that Freddy summoned him and he is probably supposed to kill them all. The singer asks Beltin to wait while he tries to find Freddy. After a few moments, the humanoids decide they should attack. 6 orcs, 2 flinds, 4 hobgoblins, 4 goblins, 1 kobold. We take advantage of their surprise. Pike shoots an orc in the back while Sanna sets another on fire. The goblins rush Beltin who takes out one of them. The orcs advance on Beltin as well and a flind goes after Sanna. To be continued…

November 26th, 2012

Sanna kills the flind in front of her, Obregon and Pike miss the flind who is shouting to the others to take us alive. The goblins and orcs continue surrounding Beltin and Gonoan. The hobgoblins advance on Sanna. Pike and Obregon take out one, Sanna takes out the other 3. Beltin and Gonoan are side by side with their backs to the wall. Everyone converges on the remaining orcs and goblins and they start to go down. Obregon notices a small creature sneaking away from behind Sanna. The last 2 remaining orcs attempt to flee and Gonoan chases after them. A half man/half rat emerges from one of the huts and advances on Sanna while a voice chimes up behind her “he he he, I have your magic missile wand. I want the other one, give it to me”. There is no one visible. Obregon hits Jason with 2 arrows that stick in him but don’t seem to harm him. Sanna hits him with a flaming sphere which causes him pain, Beltin hits him with acid and kills him. Sanna kills the remaining goblins. The flaming man appears and approaches Beltin. They trade barbs when Beltin feels something try to steal his potion. He breathes acid in that direction and melts the real Freddy as the flames are just an illusion. Gonoan chases down the remaining orc and kills it. We loot the bodies and search the huts. We find 750 gp, pearl(100gp), 12 knives (normal), double bladed axe(10gp), 80sp, 800cp, 30 clay marbles, 4 short swords, owl bear skin(500-1000gp), 5 polished knives(10gp ea), oil lamp, giant weasel pelt(1500gp), 3 bottles old wine(20gp ea), silver ring(300gp), flind barsx2, chain shirtx6, great axex6, longswordsx4, studded leatherx4, lt shieldx4, morningstarx5, scimitar. We also find a kobold who we take prisoner. He tells us Freddy has most of his treasure somewhere else but doesn’t know where. Also that the orcs were from a band on its way to Castle Greyhawk and that they came from someone associated with Iuz. Sanna puts a leash on it and sets it to some menial tasks. As Obregon and Pike search the huts, some blood hawks approach and attack. We kill them easily.

December 10th 2012

We question the kobold some more and learn that Freddy was only hitting caravans for valuables, he is not the one taking the trade goods. We hide the bulk goods in the village. Obregon begins to track Freddy who apparently travels back and forth between the village and another location. We come across a campsite that seems off. Pike and Obregon search the area and determine that someone has buried things here. We start digging and find refuse in the first spot, a small humanoid skeleton in the second which Freddy has visited. We find some interesting artifacts but nothing of obvious value. It appears this was a settlement of some sort in the past and we are picking through their remains. We decide to camp here and nothing of note happens through the night. We head back to the village in the morning. We collect the items we left behind and return to the caravan. The wheels were restored when we arrived. We wait for Marya to return. After some time, we hear horses approaching. It is 3 riders, a warrior in plate, a caster in robes, and someone in a tabard and chainmail. The Warrior approaches and orders us to clear the wagons. The caster begins readying a spell. Sanna determines she is readying lightning bolt. We hold and watch. The wizard casts a lightning bolt at the rear wagon and sets it on fire. Marcus says “Stop him”. We begin to advance on the warrior, trying to get his attention. He ignores us and looks like he is praying. Finally, he tells us that he is burning the vampires that were in that wagon. We are incredulous but allow him to proceed walking around, “detecting evil”. He says there are no others but is concerned when Obregon mentions that half the caravan has gone on. They pay Marcus for the damage and ride towards Dyvers to find the rest of the caravan. We mount up and follow. They block the road and ask why we are following them. We say that we are looking for Marya and they let us pass. We come across a human woman standing next to the road. She seems to be out of place but we pass her by. We approach Dyvers. We speak with a city guard who remembers Marya entering and says she has not left. We seek directions for the church of St Cuthbert. End


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